Gift your friend the perfect Smoking Accessories

If you are confused about what to give your smoker friends as a gift for the holidays or birthdays, you’re at the right place. With 18 states in the US allowing the recreational use of marijuana, the industry has grown in numbers, with sales amounting to $17.5 billion in 2020. 

You will find several smoking accessories available in the marketplace today that would make for great gifting items. The article will take you through a few of these accessories that will add value to your smoker friend’s collection.

8 Perfect Smoking Accessories to Gift Your Friend

Bundle Pack of Rolling Accessories

You could opt for individual items or buy a pack with multiple accessories. For example, if your friend is a beginner in the smoking world, you could gift them a bundle of rolling accessories containing items such as mixed rolling papers, pack wraps, a grinder card, and a rolling tray.

Shop during the sale season if you want to save up on costs. For example, you could get this wholesome bundle for less than $20.  

Artistic Ashtrays

If your friends enjoy smoking joints or blunts, an ashtray is a necessary accessory they need in their collection. Ashtrays are made from different materials such as glass, metal, stone, and heat-resistant plastic. 

There are several themed, colorful, and artistic ashtrays offered by brands and artists today. You can also find ashtrays designs inspired by music bands, games, and celebrities. 

Rolling Trays

Rolling trays provide a safe space to grind up herbs and roll them. They also help keep the surrounding area clean by catching crumbs and pieces that may fall while emptying the grinder. 

Like ashtrays, you can find rolling trays in different sizes, colors, designs, and price ranges. Rolling trays made from plastic are the cheapest, while the ones made from metal and wood are on the expensive end. The tray could have an open, flat surface or have specialized compartments to hold rolling papers. 


Grinders are smoking accessories used to break down cannabis into smaller pieces. These pieces can be conveniently rolled into joints or blunts or placed in glass bowls for smooth hits.

If you are not sure what smoking method your friend prefers, a grinder is an accessory that will help them regardless of their preference. In addition, a high-quality product like an aluminum grinder is an affordable and durable accessory you can gift your friends.

Dabbing Tools

If your smoker friend prefers the method of dabbing, there are several accessories you could buy for them. For example, you could look for bowls specially made for dabbing. These bowls, called nails or bangers, are available in different shapes, materials, and designs. 

A dabber is another pen-shaped accessory used to apply the concentrate to the nail. If you want to take the gifting experience to the next level, you could explore exquisite accessories such as gold-fumed dabbers.

Cleaning Supplies

Smoking accessories and devices need to be thoroughly cleaned to maintain their performance over time. However, specialized and all-natural supplies are available today, making cleaning a convenient affair.

For example, you could buy your friend a pipe cleaner which requires them to add hot water in the bag, add the pipe and soak overnight. Then there are specialized glass cleaning solutions and wipes that you can also buy.

Odor Eliminator

Cannabis can leave behind a strange odor which can be uncomfortable for non-smokers. So you could explore the range of specialty 420 odor-eliminating sprays. Or you could give them an air purifier accessory.

One can inhale and exhale the smoke into the air purifier, which will release odorless smoke from the other end. This is a proactive approach, limiting the smoke from spreading around in the first place.

Fun and Quirky Accessories

If you are looking to add a fun element to your friend’s smoking session, explore the range of quirky accessories available. For example, there are glow-in-dark bubble caps on offer. Then there are cartoon-inspired bubble carb cups available that are fun, facilitate directional airflow, and prevent waste.

If your friend has a creative side, you could give them a creative thinking journal only to be used when they are high. 

Smoking accessories can make great gifts for your friends who love smoking. These accessories can be functional, fun, and artistic. For example, you can find dab mats and bong adapters for less than $10. The other range of accessories you can explore are dabbing tools, rolling kits, cleaning supplies, and creative trays, among others. 

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