Getting the Best Weber Spirit Grill Covers to Keep Your Grill Protected

Spirit Grill Covers
Spirit Grill Covers

One major consideration of Weber Spirit Grill owners is to keep it in pristine condition for many years to come, along with being optimally functional. The primary need here is to get a good quality grill cover, which will help protect your grilling unit over time. There are some important considerations to make here for getting the best grill covers.

For example, if you live in a windy or hurricane-prone area, you need to get a cover with Velcro straps or ties to secure the cover onto the grilling unit. Vents will help to keep the air flowing under the grill cover and also avoid moisture condensation inside the cover. This will help avoid ice formation and freezing the cover onto the grilling units’ top and sides during the winter months. However, the covers with breathable vents should also be positioned well to avoid any rainwater infiltration into them.

Buying custom grill covers

You can find custom-made Weber Spirit Grill Covers, which can ideally fit the grill dimensions and offer optimum protection to it. For example, one such custom-made Weber Spirit Grill Cover is the vinyl covering range offered by the Mel, LLC corp. It may be an ideal choice to make if you have a non-standard variant of the Weber grill.

Material choice

Usage of materials to make grill covers will largely determine the quality and expenses of the grill cover. Grill covers generally come in three types of materials like canvas, polyester, and vinyl.

  • Among these, vinyl is the most premium choice of covers, which are fully waterproof, making it ideal for protecting the grills left open at patio, backyard, or porch. However, not all vinyl covers are the same. You should look for at least 12-gauge or thicker Vinyl covers, which can better withstand the test of environmental elements. Low-quality vinyl may crack and catch holes sooner.
  • Polyester is another popular material used for grill covers which is also a highly durable and weather-protective option. Polyester is not inherently waterproof, but to make it fully waterproof, chemical treatment is done over it by adding PVC layers, which can resist water and the harmful UV rays from the sun.
  • Canvas is also used as top-end Weber Spirit grill covers as these are so thick and durable. Canvas is also water-resistant to a large extent. These covers can keep the grill dry and safe by withstanding intensive cold and heat.

While buying good quality grills, you may also look for some extra features in terms of improving its usability and performance. Ideally, you should only purchase a grill from trusted sources like Outdoor Cooking Pros. That way, you’d already know the features of the model you will buy. For example, the top end covers come with built-in air vents and pockets, ensuring proper ventilation to avoid moisture accumulation inside and protect the grill unit from catching rust. Some grill covers may also have pockets to hold grill tools and other accessories. Some other features of the grill cover include padded handles, which make it easier to grab it while putting on and removing the grill cover.


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