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Get To Know What Web Design Is And How To Do It

What is web design or web design? This is about the look of the website that you access on the internet. You see the visual form, the navigation structure, the layout (layout) and others. And all of that is the result of web design.

TOLS Multimedia, a web design company in Orlando has built WordPress websites since 2005

If a website’s appearance is outdated, ugly, confusing, or broken, it will ruin your business online. We did not say it might damage, we said it would damage it. OMG! How scary, hohoho …

So how do you make a successful business online? The answer is simple, you have to create an extraordinary web. Look cool, perfect layout, and most importantly can convey the message you want to  convey . The form of the display must be able to influence the audience, this is an important point.

From a series of terms, it accumulates in the function of web design!

If you are interested in understanding what is web design best ins and outs? So keep reading. Take coffee looking for a comfortable seat, because we will be the language in length x width.

What Is Web Design?

Web design or web design is; what creates the overall look and feel of a website when used by users. This includes the process of planning and creating website elements, from the layout structure, images, colours, fonts, to graphics.

Web design has complex components that are interrelated and support one another. So as to create the perfect website experience for users.

Including; graphic design, user experience design ( user experience design ), user interface design ( design of the user interface ), search engine optimization ( SEO ) to the content creation. The elements above determine how a website looks, feels, and works on a variety of devices.

Web design is different from web development (web developer, which is the actual coding that makes a website work. When you build a website, you need web design and web development.

Although you can find web design that is also a web developer and UX, this is a different set of skills. Even if it is done by the same person or company.

Web designers ‘take’ your ideas and turn them into mockups! Which shows; what your website will look like. Web designers handle the creative part to design websites. From an invisible idea into a visible form of design.

3D Web Presentation Mock Up PSD – Source:

Web developers – sometimes also called code makers – use mockups from web designers and translate them into coding languages. So, finally, it can be displayed on the web.

user experience developer, also known as a UX developer, is the person who makes your website user friendly. They have technical skills as well as design skills and make everything work. To create a website that is attractive and easy for the audience to use.

Why Is Web Design Important?

Whatever type of website it is one of the most valuable assets. First impressions are very important. The visual form plays an important role that makes your visitors decide that; whether your site is important or not at all. Convincing or not. Make it convenient or even confusing. Also, if your site can describe the main message you want to convey.

Potential customers who search through the internet, and find your site, and don’t find something meaningful enough to keep them going and keep reading your message, will obviously just leave.

There are millions of websites out there. And you must have more value if you want to make users last long enough on the pages of your site.

If they search and find something below standard, they will get the impression that you don’t really care about your company or product.

The strong relationship between potential customers and business owners online, it starts with web design. This is about a few ‘seconds’ that determine the fate of your company. Is it WOW or OWW.

At this point, I don’t need to answer why web design is important. You can conclude yourself. The extent to which the role of web design on the sustainability of your business online.

Now that it’s why web design is important, let’s step on how good web design is.

What Is A Good Web Design Like?

Good web design is not subjective!

With other types of designs, such as illustration or sticker design, many things are “good” depending on the viewer’s taste.

In web design, the line between “good” and “not good” is much clearer. A well-designed website is one that is perfectly capable of creating the experience visitors are looking for.

Functioning web design is a form that converts. Convert ! that means making users take certain actions.

When users are compelled to follow up with actions set by your website, that means your website is converting. Conversions can be anything, such as registering, making a purchase, opening an account, contacting you, or accessing more content on other pages of your site.

As said by the professionals from ALT Agency an effective web design brings together various elements to drive conversions.

The Main Factor Of Website Design;

  • Convincing negative use of space
  • The choices presented are very clear to users (the fewer choices a user has, the less likely they are to be confused)
  • Use proportional CTA / Call to Action functions.
  • Disturbance restrictions. The user’s way of travel is carefully thought out (e.g. Only uses images and text that are 100% relevant to the subject on the page, only displays buttons that lead to the desired action. Only uses variations of fonts for emphasis and calls to action, not just for displaying fonts. different as variations only)
  • Responsive design (a design that resizes and can adapt itself to the user’s screen, making the website easy to use on any device: mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop browser).
  • Exactly sized fonts that follow the hierarchy (see ” Restricted restrictions “)
  • High quality and relevant content and images. Able to trigger the emotional side to attract the attention of readers.
  • The balance between the amount of text and images on each page (too much text can overwhelm visitors, too little text can be equally disengaged)
  • Every design choice you make will affect the usability and conversion rate of your website in several ways. All!

If you don’t think design aesthetic choices affect conversions, think again. Your website must be attractive – especially for potential users. So try to find out what style to use to talk to them.

Invest in interesting pictures! Who works to support your brand.

Staying true to your brand is the key to successful web design. Even the most beautiful websites are useless if they don’t match your business brand. Distinctive and distinguishing …

Another Factor Of Effective Web Design;

  • Button
  • Font
  • Colour palette

The visual balance between your images and the content on each page.

Of course, good web design is not only beneficial. Visitors like websites that are interesting and in line with your business aesthetics.

No matter how you achieve it, uniting an attractive brand look with converting design elements is how you win in the online market.

Web Design: What’s Not Useful?

After discussing the determinants of good web design. Now let’s talk a little about what it is that needs to be avoided. When this factor appears, it will become a burden on your site. Will eliminate the taste of your users to read more.

As a general rule, visitors don’t have to do any work to use your website. The whole experience of using a website must be direct and intuitive.

Here are a few examples: High contrast fonts are smart and effective web design; low contrast fonts that are hard to read are bad web designs.

Web Design Elements To Avoid:

  • Disturbing images and backgrounds. As a general rule, stay away from background images. Although there are a few examples, using a certain background image can be a good choice, in most cases it is annoying. Because this makes the user have to think hard, high concentration to determine the focal point. That makes them have to work hard.
  • Design is unresponsive. Nowadays websites that are not able to adjust the screen shape of the gadget that users are using, are a big mistake.
  • Unclear links and buttons. Visitors don’t have to look for links and buttons, they need to be able to quickly see which images and pieces of text will take them to a new page or confirm their choice. Likewise, users must be able to clearly recognize fields that can be filled.
  • Regular and irrelevant stock photos and description text without valuable information.
  • Accessories feature! Like screenshots of hampster dances and who knows what else is bothering me.
  • Certain web design elements, such as box layout, are basically not good or bad choices. They can be used in effective and ineffective ways, so being careful to do it right is a must.
  • Another complicated web design element is animation. This isn’t 1999 anymore, you shouldn’t have a comet tail that tails the user’s cursor or make it scroll through a row of dancing hamsters to get to your content. But pop-up animations that bring the attention of visitors back to your site and make them convert? Yes

How To Get Web Design

Hmm … Getting the right web design is a complex process. And, there are many things to do. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. When you work with professional web designers, you can count on their expertise to get perfect results.

There are several different ways to get the website you need. The right way for you and your company depends on how complicated the website you need, how much funds will be invested, and how much work you can do yourself.

You can work directly with freelance web designers. Simply browse the designer portfolio and choose the designer you like the most and who matches the style and appearance you are looking for.

The freelancer designer can customize existing templates or design a completely new template for your website.

If you want your website to be built from scratch, you can work with freelancers who have the skills to make it happen.

If you need help to come up with ideas for your website design, have a contest. On platforms like 99designs, you can hold a design contest by giving a brief and asking the designer to send the design based on your specifications.

Custom Website Design Creation Options

Creating your own site with a template-based website maker (such as Wix or Squarespace) is also an option. You need to be more active and if you are not a designer, you will be limited to what this platform has to offer, but you can always hire a designer to customize the template for you.

You can also work with agencies that create custom website services. Choose this option if you need to build complex websites from the ground up, but note that this end-to-end solution will be more expensive.

If custom web design is your choice, then be prepared to invest in high-quality web design. Your web design can cost hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the complexity.

What you will spend is comparable to what you need. Ono rupo ono rego, hohoho …

So how do you know if you need a custom web design or just a template? It all depends on what you need. The website is very dependent on what you plan for it.

If scaling is part of your business plan. If you need it to be search engine friendly, if you need to adapt it to various business needs, if you have a very specific idea about a website that demands to be made according to your specifications, you need a custom web design. When this isn’t a priority for you and you don’t have a big budget, building a site with a template is the way to do it.

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Make A Website That Works

By playing an active role in the website design process, it will guarantee that you will get a website that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Tell your web designer about your brand, your voice, and what you want to achieve through the website. The more information they have, the more complete they are to provide the perfect web design for you.

If you use a professional website creation service on our Blogger Concept service, you can simply explain your vision. And then our creative team does a miracle for you. Creating a beautiful, functional, structured, SEO Friendly, fast loading and everything that allows you to be confident in competing globally on the internet.

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