Folderly: Solve All Your Email Deliverability Issues

Email deliverability issues are among the major problems faced by digital entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to have a good digital presence for that matter. Emails are one of the oldest yet the most effective ways to reach out to potential clients, customers or subscribers. Given we live in an era that is massively driven by the internet, it is impossible to consider the importance of emails. Emails help out to reach out to many people and most people also consider this to be a more professional way to reach out. If you are a business owner and face deliverability issues, then this article is for you.

Email deliverability

Before we get started with how folderly helps us with email deliverability issues, let us first to get to know what email deliverability issues are. For those who aren’t already aware of email deliverability issues here’s what it means. When you send an email from your email service provider to a customer, it usually goes to their inbox. However, in certain cases, the email service provider fails to recognise your email as a valid one and hence sends your mails to your customer’s spam box. This is a big inconvenience because the growth of your business greatly depends on how and when you reach out to your customers. If you feel like your mails aren’t reaching where they need to, you may be facing email deliverability issues.

Email deliverability rate

Now that we know what email deliverability issues are, now is the time to understand email deliverability rate. Email deliverability rate is a tool that is very effective when it comes to measuring email deliverability. Email deliverability rate give you the number of emails that reach your customers inbox out of every 100 emails sent. According to some studies, 70/100 is a good email deliverability rate. However, anything below that is concerning and needs your immediate attention. Believe it or not with the services provided by folderly, you will be able to reach an email deliverability rate of 100/100. All the amazing reviews provided by various happy customers is only a proof that folderly stands up to all the claims made by it.

How does folderly work?

Folderly is one of the best things that can happen to you if you face email deliverability issues. Folderly has a very simple and easy way of doing things. Folderly first takes your email id and performs various email deliverability tests on it to find out root causes of all your email deliverability issues. Once they find out what your issues are, they recommend you with various solutions that you may act on immediately. Folderly takes your email id and sends various mails to other ids registered by folderly to check your email deliverability. This entire process is simple and barely takes any time. Folderly knows how important it is for you to quickly get rid of all your deliverability issues and hence makes it a point that all their services are prompt and quick.

Why do emails end up in the spam folder?

With time, there have been various safety breaches on the internet and the threats from external, unauthorised parties keep increasing. This is why email service providers have increased the rules and regulations to safeguard all their users. Though it may be rightful in some cases, sometimes email service providers cannot differentiate between a spam mail and a legit mail. When this happens, without any fault of your own, your mails get sent to the prospective client’s spam box. However, it is wrong to assume that it is always the email service provider’s fault. Sometimes, it is you’re own, for example, when you write mails with shady subjects or make many grammatical errors in your mail. Another reason may be that you add too many irrelevant links or attachments. One of the best ways to really know what is impacting your email deliverability rate is to take an email deliverability test provided by folderly. Not only will it help you to get to the root cause and get a clear picture of your problems, it will also recommend you solutions for the said problems.

Is folderly expensive?

Folderly is one of the most affordable and pocket friendly email deliverability service providers ever. Though there are indeed some expensive plans, most plans are affordable and can be brought by anyone who is on a budget. The pricing is great for all the amazing services provided by Folderly. Browse through a wide range of plans and select one that suits you well.

Is folderly safe?

Folderly is safe and secure and makes sure that your personal information is never compromised. Folderly keeps your safety as a top priority and makes sure that you never have to face any safety issues.

Whether you are a blogger, an entrepreneur or a corporate and are facing issues with email deliverability ten you will surely find something that meets your needs. The best thing about folderly is that there is something for everyone. Folderly believes in flexibility and hence provides its users with the best services. 

Free trial

If you are someone who is unsure about Folderly, we got your back. Take a free trial and experience most of the benefits provided. See for yourself all that you can use and if you find that it meets your needs, come join us.

Conclusively, it may be said that in this digital age it is extremely important that you reach out to customers via the internet. It is one of the best ways to grow your business. Email deliverability issues may be a major concern and a big hurdle in your reach. Imagine creating great products and services but your customers not being notified of them. That indeed is an unsightly situation that no one wants to be in. enter Folderly with all its amazing services. Folderly is the one stop solution to all your email deliverability issues. So if you are willing to grow your reach exponentially and reach new people through email, reach out to us at folderly.

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