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Five reasons you will love escape games

Have you tried an escape game yet? If not, you are missing out on a really fun time. Maybe you’re apprehensive about having to break out of a room, or maybe you’re just shy about trying a new experience. Whatever reason you may have for not trying escape games, here are five reasons why you might just love them:

1) They are challenging, but in a fun way

Escape games are an adventure. You have to be creative, think critically, and work together with others. And you have to do all this in 60 minutes or less!

2) Time really does fly when you are having fun

It may sound cheesy, but it really is true. One minute you are entering the room and you have a whole hour to complete the mission. Then you dive in and start trying to solve clues and the next thing you know, there are ten minutes left!

3) You get to play out a story in real-life

Each escape game is a mission of sorts or has a theme. You may be trying to catch a bad guy, or you may be the bad guy trying not to get caught. There are also escape games that are based on popular television shows and movies.

4) That “woosh” of excitement when you escape

You put all the clues together, outsmart the room and there is still time left on the clock. You did it! You escaped! The rush of excitement when that happens is undeniable. But don’t get too discouraged if you don’t make it out in time. Just enjoy the experience!

5) Last but not least,

you get to experience an adventure with friends, family, coworkers, or team members. The 60-minute adventure in the escape game will build a lasting bond with memories, and maybe start a routine thing that you do more than once.

If you are already passionate about escape games, or if you have never done one and are ready to try, or you just want to find out more about escape games, then check out the following website:

Radhe Gupta
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