Five Esports Tournaments to Watch in 2022

Esports Tournaments

Esports is undoubtedly a growing industry that has become one of the best in the world today. With many players competing for crowns in various regions, the industry has become fascinating for many candidates who want to go pro. And it has given people that love predicting another avenue to place their attention. 

Therefore, as you can predict which NFL expert picks, you can do the same to esports games. You just have to find the right site, such as BetUS, and you’re good to get started. However, you should take the time to learn more about the industry before you start predicting to reduce your chances of losing or doing it wrong.

With the esports industry growing, there are many tournaments to enjoy every year, and in 2022 there will be a wide range of tournaments lined up for you. All you should do is pick the ones that fit your calendar, and you can start following. In that case, we’ve put together five exciting tournaments you should watch in 2022. 

FIDE Candidates Tournament 2022

Do you love chess? Do you enjoy watching masters of the game go at it? Then the FIDE Candidates tournament is a perfect fit for you. It is an exciting competition with everything you want from a competitive event. Chess lovers can now be part of the esports industry, and they can watch many champions from around the world compete.

It was started by Hikaru Suko Nakamura, a Grandmaster with a large following on Twitch, and over the years, it has been one of the most exciting esports tournaments. With the growing interest in this event, it is a tournament that decides the participants in the world championships every year. 

RLCS World Championships

Every that enjoys soccer knows that there are many tournaments based on this sport in the esports industry. However, Rocket League is one of the major competitors in the industry. It is even featured on various top sports sites like BetUS for fans that want to enjoy the games making predictions. 

Although the gameplay is not like the typical football game, it is something that causal gamers can enjoy and understand, as long as you understand the base principal of the sport. Once you are part of the Rocket League world, you should sign up for the world champions as it is the most significant event for this game, and it happens every year, giving you something to enjoy. 

Valorant Champions 2022

For those who enjoy shooter games with strategic undertones, you should look at the Valorant Champions event in 2022. It is a series of events where different teams battle for the best in the world crown as they battle each other in different areas, and the best team gets the crown in the end. 

You can partake in the championship to see which team will come out as the Valorant champion this year as they compete in different aspects of the competition. The good thing is that you can get access to the games quickly, and in the end, you can even pick one of the teams to support, depending on how you enjoy watching them.  

PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major

Every esports fan knows that Counter-Strike is one of, if not the most popular and most prominent game in the esports world. Therefore, it has some of the most anticipated events available each year, and one of the most popular that you should give a try is the PGL Antwerp CS: GO Major. 

The tournament has everything you would need in an event, and it is backed by a significant contributor in the esports industry. You just have to ensure that you understand the rules and where to begin. In that case, you’ll have more to focus on whenever you want to give it a go and watch the different games. 

2022 ESL Pro League Season 15

Another top-notch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament that you should watch in 2022 is the ESL Pro League Season 15. For those that have been following the league for many years, it is everything they would love in a tournament. Before you get started, you should know how the league works.

It consists of a group-based tournament that has four one-leg knockout matches, and after that, we go to the winners groups round. In this phase, the top teams from the group will play against each other and the winners will go to the semis where they will battle it out to end up in the best four grand finals, giving us an epic tournament to enjoy. 


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