Five Effective Ways to Use Twitter for Business

Twitter for Business: From hashtags and pinned tweets to social media influencers, there’s a lot you can do on Twitter. With the right business plan, you can use the platform to run successful social media campaigns to increase sales. Twitter is the best tool for every niche. Either you are an apparel manufacturer or a soap making machine manufacturer, you can drastically scale up your business.

Use Twitter to Work

Founded in 2006, Twitter is among the most popular social media platforms in the world. By 2019, it was ranked No. 8 in the United States and No. 13 globally, as per Alexa.

Social media contains the value for each business regardless of size and nature. It covers multiple demographics and spreads your product’s message and usage. As a business owner, you must consider how to fit Twitter in your overall marketing plan.

Here are a few ideas on how to use Twitter for business.

1 – Instill Hashtags

Hashtags allow users to glorify or tag an identifying word or key phrase that groups thousands of tweets together. These words are searchable and give the perfect companion for live events.

Hashtags give you a way to enhance the visibility of your content beyond your existing followers. There are several popular hashtags that a majority of active Twitter users frequently use, like #ThrowbackThursday and #FollowFriday, etc.


You can also be creative and use your hashtags to grab attention to your product or your company. Several brands lunge onto trending topics to get engaged in the conversation or sell their product.

Use relevant hashtags; for instance, if you tweet about how to do business, you might use the hashtag #entrepreneurship. You should also limit the hashtags you use—the more you use, the less probability that people interact with your content. Tweet full of hashtags looks spam-like.

Similarly, keep close on the trending box every day. The box is located on the left side of your Twitter timeline (on desktop) or the search tab if you are on the Twitter app. The trending box offers a lot of inspiration on what to share with your followers. Make sure it’s you use the phrase or hashtag that is trending.

2 – Resolve Issues through Direct Message

Direct Messages (DMs) have evolved in the last few years, especially for brands. The way of your interaction with clients is critical for troubleshooting problems and handling issues.

It’s a smart tactic to handle clients through DMs for some reason. First, you don’t need other users to see the issue and think less of your organization. Also, there is no restriction of characters on DMs, which provides you the freedom to help customers without being limited to specific characters limit.

By default, you can send DMs to those who follow you. You can create your Twitter account to receive messages from anyone, making it simple for every client to contact you. Simply head on to ‘Privacy Settings’ and enable the option ‘Receive Direct Messages from Anyone.’

3 – Use Photos and Polls

Users can leverage Twitter to add a maximum of four images to posts. You can create graphics to spice your tweets. Not a Photoshop expert? Various online tools aid you create the photograph you require. Using photos with your tweets is an excellent way to connect with followers. 

Followers’ engagement is essential on Twitter to keep clients interested in your product. One exciting way to engage your followers is to create a poll. Curate your question and pick the responses. Then tap the ‘Compose’ box at the top of your Home timeline. 

Next, tap the Add Poll icon that looks similar to a horizontal graph. Insert your poll question into the main compose box. Then enter your first poll option into Choice 1 and your secondary option into Choice 2. You can add a list of up to four options. Each option should be a maximum of 25 characters. The poll remains live for 24 hours by default; however, you can shorten that timeframe if needed.

4 – Live Tweet

Live-tweeting is yet another method to get a trending topic on Twitter. Use live-tweeting when users tweet their reactions to a live event happening, either breaking news or entertainment-based. When companies throw events and want their followers to live-tweet while they’re online, the company often creates its particular hashtag to use and share with the invite list for others to follow.

Live-tweeting commonly occurs with televised events. It’s common during activities such as those to see the trends box loaded with related topics. In the case of the awards shows, you might see the official awards show hashtag listed alongside celebrities’ names and movies that win major awards.

When you live tweet or use multiple tweets for the same topic, respond to your original tweet. This makes it simpler for users to follow the overall conversation.

5 – Engage in Twitter Chats

Another technique to engage followers into a trending topic is using a Twitter chat. Twitter chats are simple, but they need a relatively active and large follower base to be successful.

A Twitter chat occurs when many Twitter users discuss a particular topic simultaneously using a shared hashtag.

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