Five Easy Methods to Increase Sales Online

Each online store, whether the store is of a watch supplier or a flood light manufacturer, desires to increase revenue. However, when we talk about increasing the revenue of any online store, a majority of marketers blindly spend their marketing budget on customer acquisition.

To acquire customers can be expensive. So, if you need to increase sales in your ecommerce store, you are required to think of methods that will simultaneously improve profit and time. Following simple tips will help you do that.

Optimization of Small Receipts

Every ecommerce store sends email receipts. However, most of them use them merely to inform clients. An email receipt doesn’t only act as a record, but can also incorporate other value propositions for customer engagement and drive a recurring visit.

Below are three techniques to optimize your email receipts:

  • Include relevant recommendations in the emails. Why? As per an online survey by Harris Poll, 80% of consumers love when retailers’ emails entail recommended products based upon previous purchases. Despite making the emails engaging, email receipts will help you cross-selling and up-selling your products.
  • Add coupon or discount codes in the mails to incentivize another transaction (especially for new buyers). Why? On average, the ecommerce store spends $24.50 on a new customer, compared to $52.50 for a recurring customer (McKinsey & Company). Therefore, it is a smart move to incentivize new customers to buy another product instantly.
  • Ask for feedback. Feedback helps a lot for an online store. You can heavily learn about the main points the customers might have experienced while shopping.

Send Emails Containing “Wish on Sale”

Most ecommerce buyers add products to a wish list for future purchase. Moreover, most online buyers are love discounts and price sensitivity. So it makes sense to tell your subscribers when the items they are interested in, will go on sale.

Further, you must email them when their favorite product is about to go short out of stock. ‘Out of stock’ ignites impulse buying in customers.

Highlight Special Deals

Majority ecommerce sites today are quite busy. This suggests that shoppers will end up ignoring deals.

To make sure that your sales offers are not going in oblivion, secure your exclusive deals stand out in a way that buyers cannot miss them.

Here’s how to highlight deals:

The info bar at page top:

Using an info bar is an excellent way to promote your deals and boost your conversion rates from these offers. You can show them to all your users or target specified visitors based upon pre-defined behavior.

Utilize Popups for promoting special deals: 

When designing popups, search for ways to highlight them from your site color scheme in a gentle way without distracting the user/buyer. Remember, your main goal is to make the buyer’s job easy to convert.

Given below is an example. They are using geo-targeting to stand out their delivery policy for a specific country to make it easy for international buyers to convert.

Therefore, use your ecommerce real estate intelligently. Clearly communicate your offer to obtain more conversions. Also, always remember to use the A/B test for positioning your offer to grab your audience’s attention and promote accordingly.

Use Product Videos

As per stats, video viewers range from 64-85% who are more likely to purchase after watching your product video.

However, not every manufacturer can afford a product video for each product, and that’s fine.

For those suppliers who have the affordability, it’s a secure method to improve conversions. For those who can’t afford product video, at a minimum, they can be made for their best selling products, expensive products, and products with higher revenue margins.

Focus Upselling but Remain Tactful

It is no secret that cross-selling and upselling are the most natural methods to enhance your ecommerce revenue. But to whom and how you up-sell to, will define if this will increase your conversions.

For instance, if you have secured a few customers who frequently buy from your website but always shop discounted products. Will it be a smart move to up-sell to them? Probably not. You might want to do the opposite, and down-sell to them.

So, if a customer is on checkout, it’s better to display the products that can be packaged up with their current purchase rather than up-selling to them.

Wrap up

We hope you have found enough ways to increase your online store sales. Don’t forget that increasing your ecommerce revenue or business doesn’t mean spending massive resources on marketing. Applying simple tactics in the right way may help you grow profits.

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