Final Review Of Phineas And Ferb

Today’s article is my first impressions and top 5 moments of the finale of Phineas and Ferb. I just finished watching the last episode of Phineas and Ferb, and wow did I get super emotional! This show has honestly been one of my favorite shows for the past 7 years. It’s made me laugh, cry, and more. If there’s one cartoon you hold all others too, it’s Phineas and Ferb. Don’t get me wrong now, there are other fantastic family content for even for pretend play and sing-along the floor is lava song, all out there for maximum entertainment

It managed to not only be a great show for kids, male or female, but for adults as well. It’s like one of the creators said earlier in an interview about the finale: “I think that’s something that everyone would be a little better off if they did: Just make a funny show! Don’t try to pigeon-hole it into “is it a show for boys, is it a show for girls, is it a show for kids, are they 6-12,” all of that is just limiting what you can do!” Well they succeeded. Check- paw patrol names

Now onto the episode itself! Out of every episode thus far, this will probably end up being one of my favorites, if not my #1. It had some amazing songs as well, my favorite being “Time Spent Together.” It was just a really emotional song, but my second favorite is of course the ending song “Thank You ForComin’ Along” for being emotional as well. The plot for this episode is Candice using Doof’s Do-Over-inator so she can try to bust the boys, while Do of does it so he can stop Vanessa from moving out by becoming the Tri-State Governor. 

Obviously things go wrong and soon Candace has to save her brothers after they get sucked into a tear in the fabric of time and subsequently forgotten by everyone but her. We also get to see the point where Doofdecides to become a good guy. Check- Rogue names

Now this is a real twist, but one I think we all condone all along, but Vanessa points out to her dad that he’s more like a good guy pretending to be evil and that he only does evil things to justify his backstories. Mind blown. That really sets up the Valentine Special episode that’s 10 years into the future and will also play into the OWCA files, probably. Now moving on to my top 5 moments. I probably won’t do top 5 moments for every video on Cartoon Hangout, but we’ll see. 

My #5 moment is Candice repeatedly slips on the wheeled items in her house despite repeating the day over. Even when she did eventually remember, she slipped on a third skate! My #4 moment is Norm says, “Door slams mean sadness.” Yes, yes they do Norm. #3 is of course the reveal that Doof is a good guy acting bad. Big character development there. #2 is the reveal that Vanessa is going to work at OWCA. Supposedly this will be the focus of the OWCA Files special airing this fall. 

A bit odd to end the series and THEN do another special, but I won’t complain about new episodes! And my #1 moment is the sweet look on Isabella’s face when she remembers Phineas after they reunited. Possibly followed up with the ending song where he tells her to wait 10 years. And that’s been my thoughts on the last episode of Phineas and Ferb. It’s been a crazy ride filled with roller coasters, other dimensions, flying cards, and even though the show is officially over, we will always remember the fun times we had with Phineas and the gang. So let’s count the days until the OWCA Files Special in Fall and let’s go make the most of the summer.

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