Everything You Wanted to Know About Top Professions in the Field of Artificial Intelligence

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As the time is passing, the world is becoming more and more dependent towards Artificial intelligence. Even the highly reputed firms are coming up with every other invention based on Artificial Intelligence. During these pandemic times, when all are being compelled to stay at home to be safe, the companies are bringing up new creative ideas to somehow make human life easier. 

From washing machines to fully automated vehicles, all are transforming to mechanization. Technologies are spreading so fast that in the upcoming future, there will be a time when all things will be processed automatically with just a click. 

Top Professions in the Field of AI

As the world is leaning towards automation, there have been a lot of changes in the lives of people socially as well as financially. The most important thing that is taking a wide turn is the profession- the future jobs. In this time period, people who are graduating from the fields related to Artificial Intelligence or machine learning are taking the most profit out of it. They are the only ones that are actually enjoying the satisfaction of getting employed at good wages. Those with knowledge of AI related fields are not only getting the highest paid in the market but also they are coming up with the most highlighted products that are altering the world in a positive way. 

Now, let’s discuss which profession in AI is the most in- demanding among the firms!

For a second let’s not believe what we say at all…why not have a tour of it by yourself on other portals and see whether we are right or wrong. The best way to have a look on it is go to any job portal and go through their open job advertisements or read their research papers. You will know it yourself. Even the most reputed job searching portal- Indeed has rated the huge demand growth of Machine Learning Engineers of up to 344% and then comes the Robotics Engineer with 128%, further the 116% demand comes for Computer Vision Engineer and then Data Scientist with about 78% demand.

Let’s now discuss all the four professions one by one in the decreasing order of in-demand-

Machine Learning Engineer

It is to be said that if any company wants to be successful in the lifespan of customers, then it should adopt machine learning as it easily foresees what customers want which is why Machine Learning engineers have the highest in-demand data science roles in the market.. 

The main focus of Machine Learning Engineers is to design self-running software for automated models. The specialists deals with-

  • Creating ML algorithms and train or retrain them whenever necessary to help computers inhale the capability of self-learning
  • They blend the codes and rules of the Data Science sphere with programming that will help the company’s to acquire the fullest out of AI/ML technologies without any hindrance in standard programming terms
  • To explore, analyze and visualize the data for identifying the differences in data distribution so that there could be no impact in model performance while calling it on in real.

Robotics Engineer

They build machines that replicate human actions. The robotics engineer designs, constructs and operates the ML-powered machines or equipment. The following few tasks are performed in their day to day lives-

  • Designing of a software system that controls the manufactured robots.
  • Researching, operating and performing the mechanism of robot components or their systems.
  • For increasing the production rate and accuracy, they design the automated robotic system within a specific industry

Computer Vision Engineer

As the name suggests, These engineers develop and implement computer algorithms to automate various functions like video analytics, image processing, object recognition that the normal human vision does. By analyzing and extracting data from the images, computer vision identifies the objects and classifies them accordingly. Their tasks in firms generally include-

  • Developing algorithms for automated computer visions to recognize the static/dynamic objects.
  • Tracking performance and solving problems related to client-server.
  •  Installing machine learning techniques to improve quality of detecting and displaying objects.

Data Scientist

The job of a Data Scientist is more analytical. These analytical experts use a mix of mathematics, statistics, analytics and ML tools for gathering, processing, and analyzing huge amounts of data to acquire insights. Their role involves

  • Generating valuable insights to elevate the business growth through data-driven decision making.
  • Designing processes based on data models and creating algorithms for predictive models and performing custom analysis.


By knowing about the top professionals in the field of AI, you can prepare yourself for the same to ensure a lucrative career.


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