Everything You Should Know About Bullshit Flag

You might have seen several different farcical flags that people on their vehicles flaunt around regularly. These flags are nothing more than to draw sarcasm and fun. People fix them on their trucks, yachts, houses, and many more. 

But there are other flags you may have seen, such as MAGA (Make America Great Again), Keep America Great Flag, and Trump No More Bullshit flag, and Make liberals Cry, which is designed for a particular purpose.

Out of all this, nothing is more famous than the Trump No More Bullshit flag.

Where should you buy these flags? 

If you are looking for these farcical flags, you can get them on online stores like Ultimate Flags. You can just add the quantity of the product in the cart, choose the perfect size you require, check it out, and place the order.

Popular sizes of the flags that are most suitable:

These flags are available in a few standard and flexible sizes and are mainly used as boat flags. The Trump No More Bullshit flag is most often used on boats and is ideal for small boats, rallies, outdoor spaces, or anywhere your heart wishes! A suitable farcical flag should be double-sided to be more sturdy and last longer. You should also remember that you cannot fly the flag if you are traveling faster than the parade pace. No flag can survive hurricane-force winds of 55 mph or more!

Aside from riding boats or yachts, you can also attach it to a flag pole that fits in a fishing rod holder, for which sizes of 4 feet and 6 feet are required.

Other flag sizes:

12 X 18 inches is ideal for a small boat or man cave

2 X 3 feet is a good size for a workplace, garage, man cave, or she-shed

3 X 5 feet – the most common standard size

You are simply raising your flag to show your support for the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. It is suitable for home, office, garden, lawn, school, etc. and anywhere you want to show. Of course, this is great for gifting to your friends. Bring out the irony and tell your neighbors how you truly feel!

What qualities should the flag possess? 

A flag should have the following qualities:

  • The flag should be double-sided, as this will be ideal for hoisting in boats, celebrations, or flaunting as an outdoor display. Moreover, you can use it wherever you want it.
  • The words printed on the flag should be the same on both sides (i.e., it must not look or read backward from the rear side).
  • The flag must have four lines of stitches on the fly to keep the end of the flag intact where it flaps the most.
  • The flag’s material should be UV-protected and highly resistant to make the flag vibrant and gorgeous while preventing it from fading.
  • The flag’s material should be anti-rain and anti-acid protection for increased longevity.
  • Wind resistance must be exceptional. Double-Sided flags are two flags sewed back to back for added strength.
  • The words “Trump No More Bullshit” in stunning blue color, as this is the most popular design form.

Apart from the points mentioned above, the flag manufacturer must also ensure that the flag’s material is produced from an exclusive fabric finish and subjected to surface treatment composition. It should also have an excellent fabric finish that is efficiently treated to maintain color (UV protection) dyes and inks to decrease fading.

The Bullshit flag should be used on fair weather days as a seasonal home decoration for parades or theatrical use.

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