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Essential Facts About Diamond Drill Bits That You Must Know

Most of the casual DIYers have a standard toolbox which consists of certain staples like pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, and power drills. These power drills come with different kinds of bits that can be attached to serve different purposes. All the casual and professional workers love to flaunt their collections of drill bit which might consist of bits like twist drills that have double flutes that go up to the side forming a sharp point and auger bits which are most commonly used by driller to make holes in wooden material. One kind of drill bit that is rarely found in their collections is a diamond drill bit. This drill bit is used by professionals and experts in order to cut through extremely hard surfaces like concrete. This attachment has advanced the drilling scenario lot and possesses the potential to increase the industrial efficiency of the power drill. Diamond drilling as a process is used in several industries like construction sites, underground mining, mineral exploration as well as drilling of oil and gas wells in some parts of the world. Let us learn about some of the essential facts about this fascinating diamond drill bits.

Definition of a Diamond drill bit

In order to clearly understand the diamond drill bits we need to know that they are not some shiny objects mounted on the drill. On the contrary, they comprise little pieces of diamond powder that is embedded inside the parts. Since diamond is one of the hardest materials it has the capability to cut through the materials easily and hence the tool becomes powerful and unique. Diamond drilling is usually used for convenient drilling of fine holes in wood.

Different types of Diamond drill bits

The diamond drill bits are of two major types. One, the blunt nose bits, and second, the core drill bits. The different types of drill bits are used for separate purposes and are effective in their own unique way. The main difference between them is that the core drill bits have smaller surface area than the blunt nose drill bits and can be called as ‘hole saws’. The blunt nose type of bit is more effective in generating smaller holes.

Materials that can be drilled with a diamond bit

As mentioned before, diamond drilling can be used on a plethora of materials that include cement, glass, and its types like sea glass, beached glass, fused glass, ceramic, porcelain, tiles, shell, bone fossil, stone, gems, rocks, and pebbles. Though it isn’t used for cutting wood, some might try and use it for very hard kinds of woods. These drill work with precision and are extremely useful for creating intricate and small holes in materials. Though there are also some materials like metal, softwood, and plastics on which the use of a diamond drill is a strict no-no.

Precaution to be taken while diamond drilling

Like any heavy-duty tool, a diamond drill bit comes with its own set of instructions. You have to take these precautionary measures in order to maintain the safety of the operators. So not wear any loose and baggy clothing or keep your hand near the bottom of the drill. Wear gloves at all times and also a safety helmet. Keep the water around like a diamond drill bit generates a notorious amount of heat and it is essential to cool them down from time to time. Make sure that the operator is well aware of the instruction provided in the safety manual and implements them appropriately. If used correctly and with the necessary precautions diamond drilling completes the job in an efficient, accurate, and impeccable manner.

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