Enjoy a Seamless Gaming Experience with these Powerful Phones

Until a few years ago, gaming wasn’t an experience to write home about. It was something people did very casually on their smartphones. Nowadays, it’s become something of a phenomenon. Games like PUBG for mobiles and Call of Duty have become a mainstay.

With demand growing, chipset makers and smartphone manufacturers are compelled to up the ante in gaming hardware. Smartphone production is aimed at bringing better and bigger performance levels and realistic gaming experiences within smartphones into the marketplace.

As a result, every new upcoming mobile in the mid to high-end segment is looking to fit all the components of their phones to facilitate fabulous gaming applications and outcomes. Even, Apple with its new iPhone 12 Pro version, swears that it will be the best gaming phone.

Dedicated Gaming

Original equipment manufacturers of smartphones are attempting to blend combinations and permutations of hardware and software that result in optimal gaming solutions. In the meantime, Qualcomm and MediaTek, two key chipset makers, are bringing forth a dedicated line of hardware that is central to gaming only.

Companies such as Black Shark, Nubia, and Asus make smartphones that are gaming-centric. These smartphones, which could be 8GB RAM phones or higher, are available with hardware accessories that are optional like a controller, and a trigger. In the range of gaming smartphones, the sky is the limit.

The trending top games today are Call of Duty and PUBG. To play these high-level games, you need to consider GPU (graphics processing unit) speeds, RAM size, and other details while selecting a phone for a seamless gaming experience.

Gaming without a Hitch

Top-notch gaming phones don’t just provide the best gaming tools; they also offer gamers an experience without any glitches. Most new upcoming mobiles offer an overall experience of great visuals and cover future gaming technology. These are future-ready phones that take care of any new technology advances in terms of storage (vast), refresh rates (always high), displays, etc., so you won’t have to update your tech anytime soon.

Play your Games with Power

These phones listed below are by far the best and most popular tried and tested phones devoted to gaming. Of course, they do a lot more too, but their primary USP is gaming.

  • Asus – Asus offers some of the best gaming phones in the market. The ROG III is most commonly sought-after by millions of gamers. Operating on Android v.10 OS, the phone comes with an impressive screen size of 6.60 inches, and is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset. The battery is 6,000mAh. You get the phone in 8GB and 12GB RAM models, with storage ranging from 128GB to 1TB. Offered with dedicated buttons for gaming and extremely fast case cooling, most gamers will take this phone over others.
  • Xiaomi – Appropriately called Mi 10, Xiaomi’s latest gaming phone is a 5G phone. With a gigantic screen (6.67 inches) and some great accessories, it runs on Android v.10 OS. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 octa-core processor, the phone’s storage starts at 128GB and goes up to 512GB, with 8GB or 12GB RAM. With a battery of 4,780mAh, this phone is great for gaming functionality and is affordable.
  • Apple – Once you buy an Apple smartphone, whether for gaming or otherwise, no other will do! The iPhone 12 Pro, the latest on the company’s list comes with the super 6.1-inch XDR retina display to improve all gaming experiences. With an A14 Bionic nanometre chip that makes the phone function faster and better than any other, this phone is the ultimate device for gaming. This 5G-enabled device offers you advancements in picture quality and graphics, and operates on iOS 14.

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