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Emerging Technologies in Education

When new technologies are changing everything in the world around us, can education be left behind? Emerging technologies are making their presence felt even in the field of education and their aim is to make learning processes more simplified and accessible for students. The educational technologies are primarily directed at improving the ways in which students and teachers work together.

In a world where social distancing has become the norm in the wake of the deadly coronavirus outbreak, the importance of technology to enhance teaching is being felt even more greatly. With new technologies like 3D printing making an entry you can benefit from a 4 Inkjets coupon that will offer you fabulous discounts on a wide range of toner and inkjet cartridges, fax toner, refill kits, and many printer supplies.

Here are some of the latest technologies that have the ability to revolutionize learning for students:

  • Augmented Reality: This is one of the leading topics of interest among educators. This focuses on offering an interactive experience to users where a real-world setting is augmented through computer-generated data across many types of sensory modalities. AR can help educators create visual content that will catch the attention of students. It will make way for interaction and better engagement for students in their lessons because they can both view and experience what they are taught. Educators may use AR to teach complex topics as students find it easier to grasp concepts through 3D models.
  • Adaptive Learning: This technology caters to a student’s learning depending on his learning style and needs. Using adaptive learning, students can adapt to unique educational methods which are based on their learning capabilities and interests. The system uses computer algorithms for orchestrating interactions with students. This technique had its origins in artificial intelligence and offers custom resources and top-notch learning activities for addressing special needs of students.
  • Artificial Intelligence: This is obviously one of the most widely-discussed emerging technologies in the field of education. Because of its smart approach to different systems, everyone has started trusting this technology. It is used in different fields and is not only limited to education. By 2020, education is expected to experience a big change; one way is through supporting distribution of first-person views. This will prove beneficial when students have to write term papers, essays, etc. For example, search bots like Google bot will try to read short summaries from any online search, but it would be far better when stories obtained from first-hand sources can be shared.
  • Data Security: Cyber security and privacy of student data is another important field where emerging technologies are going to prove beneficial. Student data needs to be handled securely in a digital age.
  • Internet of Things: The IoT refers to a world where devices are connected to one another through Internet connectivity. This is going to help in the creation of a global network for students and teachers. It will boost interactions among educators and in students with their peers all over the world. It will also boost security for school and college campuses through RFID devices to check attendance, GPS systems for school buses, and remote-controlled school monitoring systems.
  • Learning Management System: This refers to software for delivering courses and training programs for the students; these can manage courses better. Using an LMS, educators can make, change, and allocate courses to students. This offers a platform for both teachers and students to interact and teach. Teachers can offer personalized courses; they can identify the strengths and weaknesses of students, and make customized courses to enable them to concentrate better and work on their shortcomings. Most of these LMS have live chat feature with teachers and this enables reluctant students to get their doubts clarified. Even parents can be involved in their kid’s learning process as they can log in and monitor their kid’s performance.
  • Mobile Learning: M-learning or mobile learning is possible through devices like the laptops, smartphone, tablet, etc. Here, study materials can be either downloaded or accessed online. This technology offers a high degree of flexibility because students can study at any time, from anywhere as long as they have Internet connectivity.
  • Cloud Computing: This can be a great solution for most of the roadblocks that students face due to insufficient infrastructures. It refers to computing resources that are spread across different data centers all over the world. This can be accessed and shared by users globally. So, through cloud computing, educational institutions can overcome all their problems and maintain a unified framework. It guarantees easy access for students, parents, and teachers to basic data using any device.
  • School Management Systems: This is software for helping educational centers manage daily academic activities better. This is one of the best known emerging technologies in the world of education.
  • 3D Printing: This is another useful technology that students are using today; even teachers can take out 3D printouts of things that are hard for students to visualize. For instance, 3D models for chemistry students or 3D structures for organs and cells chapters in biology.
  • Virtual Libraries: These are web applications that work like real libraries, allowing students to get materials in a secure way to complement their text books.

So, get your coupons from Don’tPayAll and enjoy the latest technologies that education has to offer you!

Cameron James Connor
He has worked with various business magazines like Business Today Outlook as a freelancer before joining the team. She is an addicted reader of self-help books, fiction, and journals.

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