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EMBA in Financial Planning & Analysis by Distance Education

EMBA is an abbreviation for Executive Masters in Business Administration. While an MBA may have an appeal to those still graduating, many people choose or need to work instead of pursuing their studies. We all are aware that a person with an MBA degree gets a better salary (in most cases) than a person with no professional degree. EMBA is a course for such people. It is a 2-year program for working professionals, only those with experience of working full time become eligible for the degree. EMBA has opened the gates for many people who were fretting about getting an MBA degree. 

EMBA in Financial Planning & Analysis 

EMBA in Financial Planning & Analysis basically deals with managing the finances of an institution or its linkage with different capacities as applied to corporates. The program trains or educates one to become an expert in the management and other aspects of finance for those working in the corporate segment, banks, etc. Anyone who intends to work as a Financial Advisor, Chartered Accountant, Monetary Analyst, or is already working as one can take the program to elevate their resumes. 

You may come across ‘E’ in the EMBA being used as Electronic as well; the reason for this is that the course is specially designed for those who seek distance education. Distance learning over the past years has emerged as an excellent option for anyone facing hindrances in pursuing regular courses, EMBA is one of the favorite courses among the students. Each discipline of the course is instructed with the assistance of contextual researches and live corporate models. 

Advantages of EMBA in Financial Planning & Analysis 

If you are someone planning to pursue EMBA in Financial Planning & Analysis by distance education, but something has kept you confused, here are some of the significant advantages of this online education course to help you make up your mind.

EMBA in Financial Planning Analysis by Distance Education thumbnail 01
EMBA in Financial Planning Analysis by Distance Education thumbnail 01

Employment Opportunities 

No corporate, firm, business, etc, whether big or small can work without maintaining its finances, knowing where to invest, keeping an account of the profits, and all. Companies are always looking for people to work for them in the capacity of Finance Managers or Advisors, thus an EMBA in Financial Planning & Analysis will immediately boost employment opportunities for you. 

Pay Scale 

EMBA is sure to get you a better pay scale than the one you are working at currently. You can either switch your job or ask your company to increase the salary. If you work as a Financial Advisor, you can increase the payment you take from your clients. Seldom do companies let go of an experienced worker with a professional degree.  

Convenient Class Timings 

Since it is a distance education program, the instructors make sure that the timing of the classes does not clash with the working hours. The classes are mostly taken on weekends or during national holidays. Call it the perk of online learning, if you are not able to attend it, you can easily access the recording of the same when it is convenient for you. 


The cost of any online education program, including EMBA in Financial Planning & Analysis, is way less than that of regular courses. So other than the convenience of time, one does not need to invest heavily in adding brownie points on their CVs to impress the employers. 

Up to Date Data 

Online education is not dependent on the books that prominent authors publish for a big part of academics. The institutes prepare the material that their students should go through on their own. The general interval at which they revise their material is 2-5 years. It helps them to maintain up to date data that the students focus on while learning. 

General Eligibility Criteria and Syllabus 

Institutions that offer the distance education program for EMBA in Financial Planning & Analysis follow a set of eligibility criteria before taking admissions. The general requirements are to have a graduation degree and working experience. The working experiences, in most cases, need to be a minimum of 5 years, but it can vary from one institution to another. It is, however, in any case, compulsory to have an experience of a few years. 

The different topics that are part of the EMBA syllabus for Financial Planning & Analysis are business accounting and analysis, corporate finance, quantitative methods of finance, business economics, business valuation, monetary derivatives, investment management, investment strategies, bank management, and financial risk management. One or two topics can vary, but most of them are the same in all the institutions. 

From Where Should One Pursue EMBA in Financial Planning & Analysis by Distance Education?

With the internet, the choices for everything are overwhelming and time squandering. Do not spend your time further looking for the institutions that offer a distance education program for EMBA in Financial Planning & Analysis, Talentedgenext is the best of the options. 

Talentedgenext strives to help the students to learn in the best possible ways. Since the time of its foundation in 2012, it has been the leading distance education institution of India. The best colleges of India that provide quality learning are the partners of Talentedgenext; a significant reason that the students bestow trust on it. Its EMBA in Financial Planning & Analysis course is one of the best and well recognized among employers. Thus, anyone can apply for the programs without worrying.  

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