Elements to Consider Before Your Organization Builds Up a Custom Mobile App Development Versatile Application

Take a minute to think about all the successful apps that you have used such as Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and Google maps, many great ideas have shaped our mobile world and have received many praises.  Just think about apps you have running on your phone that you use on a daily basis.  So many successful apps, it’s gotta be pretty easy!  What’s the recipe? One great idea, a dash of Swift, a few users so it gains momentum, and voila!  You now have a successful app, in GO-Gulf web design Dubai.


The first and, potentially, most important part of creating applications is research. Think about it, what is the point of creating every detail of a project only to find out someone else is already doing the exact same thing in the exact same way; remember great minds think alike and you’re not the only one in this world. Do a simple search on some of the keywords your app might be listed on Google or within the app stores. Check out the competition, if any, to see who you are up against. 


After you have done your research to figure out where you stand and know what it is that makes you stand out, the next step is to set up a plan. This is where all the little questions come in. What are your plans for pricing? Will you charge an initial price to download the app or will you require a monthly fee? Who is your target audience? What price makes the most sense for your target audience? Will I add features periodically to drive more users? Should I offer in-app purchases? And so many more will start to crop up. 


This may seem like a minor thing to spend your time thinking about but any app that you ever look at has a specific flow designed to it that was thought out and planned down to the smallest detail. How a user interacts with your platform is important. If it’s too hard to use then people won’t want to use it, if it has too little features and not enough diversity to it, they won’t see the point in spending their valuable time using it.


You can Google “color psychology” to find that there are hundreds of articles on the subject, speaking of the many different color combinations that help elicit certain emotional responses and what individual colors mean to different people. What does this have to do with building a successful app? Your colors can have the most dramatic effect of all. First impressions are everything; this not only applies to business but the initial introduction of your app.


I can say without a reasonable doubt that as a human being that is alive in 2020, you have interacted with many different types of apps.  Have you ever noticed that depending on what application you use the orientation changes?  Some jump straight into a landscape view and others stay in a portrait view. Your device orientation can completely, once again, change the interaction a user has with your app. Go Gulf web design Dubai helps for creating all Apps. Imagine what it would look like when in a portrait view, potentially, crunching all the text to the point that makes it hard to read what you’re selecting. 


If you’re new to the app building world/programming world, Mobile-first design is creating a responsive design starting out from the standard size of a mobile screen (480 pixels and below) and moving upwards.  Off-hand, that doesn’t sound like something important if you’re designing an app for iOS or Android, but with the prevalence of tablets, it has to be something considered. 


Yet another aspect to consider is how far back you want to build your software for the app.  Keep in mind not everyone has upgraded to the IPhone 8/X or the Pixel 2.  This means that they could have old phones with old software, maybe as far back as iOS 7.  Again, this is the idea that the more people you can reach, the more users you can have.  The whole idea is to make your app as popular as possible, right?  Make sure to consider this; Go Gulf web design Dubai it can easily be planned in your talks with your development team to add this flexible feature in.

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