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Electroneum Price Predictions: What to Expect in 2021

Electronium cryptocurrency is a new digital project focused on providing ease of use of crypto technologies and increasing their availability for the general user.  Mainly, the creators of this coin count on attracting users prefer to use mobile devices.

In January 2017, the team of the project creators received the first serious investment, which gave them hope for an early official launch of the crypto project.  By March 2017, the cryptosystem was almost completely ready.  At the same time, it became known where to mine ETN and that its production is available, including using the ETN mining pool, as cryptocurrency pools can speed up and reduce the cost of the crypto mining process.  In addition, it became known that by that time the Electron crypto coin already existed, so the creators of the coin had to urgently change its name to Electroneum.  In the summer of 2017, the currency officially entered the crypto market; so many users are interested in the possibility of mining it, as well as investing in this project.


The Electronium cryptocurrency has a number of clear advantages that distinguish it from other similar digital assets built on the basis of crypto technologies.

 The advantages of the Electroneum coin include its following features:

• the cryptocurrency received its own unique blockchain based on the source code of the bitcoin blockchain.  Thus, the crypto platform received all the advantages of BTC and lost the disadvantages inherent in the largest and most expensive cryptocurrency;

• microtransactions are simply carried out between different games and applications;

• the value of the currency is displayed with a decimal point, which makes this crypto coin more like fiat money;

• with the help of special mobile applications, users can easily manage their digital wallets.

Electroneum future price prediction

Due to the apparent unusualness of this project, it is worth taking a closer look at what are the prospects for the Electronium cryptocurrency in 2021.  When studying this aspect, it should be noted that an ICo was held in the fall of 2017, which allowed the creators of this platform to collect 40 million dollars, which should be enough to implement most of the ideas and technical solutions within the Electronium project.

 Electroneum launched an ETN reward system and at the same time moved away from cloud mining. It is so because:

ü it is easier;

ü it is more profitable. 

The company has come up with the ETN awards.  This helps users understand how the reward system works.  The site and iOS are already working, the version for Android is on the way, – written in the official Twitter account.

The Electroneum token is one of those altcoins that have fallen in price greatly over the summer of 2020, devaluing to the point of indecency.  In our opinion, this is due to the long absence of full functionality.  Now many Reddit users are confident that Electroneum future price prediction, in particular due to mobile mining and instant payment technology.

 Since the spring of 2020, according to reports from the Electroneum team, the platform has become 100% operational.  Stable and efficient network operation should help cryptocurrency become popular.

 The top exchanges have not yet listed the mobile coin, but they are holding it on the tip of a pencil.  We expect this to happen in the next 6 months.  Listing growth will not keep you waiting.

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