E-notary: the main advantages of using it

In today’s world, everything is gradually moving into online mode. It is much easier to sign documents using a smartphone or computer than the classic “paper” version. Gradually, notarize online is becoming more and more widespread. Every businessman, as well as every person who in some way or another interacts with documents needs to understand the peculiarities of using special software.

Main characteristics of notarize online

Various online services and programs are used for electronic document management. Each of them has its own characteristics and their functionality may vary greatly. That is why software is chosen according to the needs of the company.

A special digital signature is used to sign documents in electronic format. Many users who have never dealt with electronic signatures are a bit ” afraid” of it. However, there is nothing “suspicious” about it, like e-notary.

The electronic signature is almost a full analogue of the “wet” signature. It also allows to identify the person and confirm that the certain person signed a certain document. At the same time, an electronic signature can be a regular one or an advanced one. The second variant uses special cryptographic codes which allow increasing its security.

Using an electronic signature, anyone gets a lot of benefits. There are some of them:

  1. The possibility of signing documents at any place. It is no longer necessary to constantly be in the office or personally come to the specialist, the counterparty.
  2. High speed. It is enough to create a signature once in a special online service in order to use it for an unlimited number of documents in the future.

And this is only a part of “strengths” of electronic signature. Working online substantially expands everyone’s possibilities. It is enough to choose a quality program that is trustworthy.

PandaDoc: why users choose this service

Among all programs in which you can create an electronic signature and automate the document flow, PandaDoc is very popular. This is a modern service which can be tried out by everyone in a free two-week version.

Immediately after registration, you can create an electronic signature and try to sign the first document. This will help to see how convenient this option is. There is no need to doubt the security of the data: the developers use modern technology.

One of the advantages of the program is the built-in document editor, which also offers a large selection of templates and legal documents. Thanks to this you can:

  • upload contracts and agreements;
  • use ready-made templates and adjust them according to your needs;
  • create documents from scratch.

In addition, the program provides a lot of other options. For example, it is possible to distribute tasks between employees, correspond with them. There is a convenient set of analytical tools that allow you to analyze the effectiveness of the company’s work.

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