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swords for sale 5

There are some weapons that never lose their appeal; it doesn’t matter how old they are. Then there are some that just become cooler with time. The ancient katana is definitely one of them. Being one of the most distinguished swords in Asian history, katanas are the royalty of warrior swords. 

They were used by samurai soldiers in Japan and later adapted by ninjutsu practitioners for guerilla warfare. A katana is a sleek, flat-edged sword that slashes quickly and is quite deadly. Even though the age of swords is over, the allure of something as pristine a katana remains. 

What Are Katanas Used For?

  • They were once the greatest source of pride for samurais. They often customized their katanas to make them unique and they swore by their swords. 
  • They were incredibly swift to use and very dangerous for enemies. A katana, if swung right, can kill instantly and injure brutally. 
  • Nowadays, of course, katanas are a novelty object that is collected instead of used. 
  • In traditional Asian homes, family weapons like katanas are passed through generations as symbols of pride, prosperity and respect.
  • Rare, antique and modern katanas are cherished by sword collectors for their impeccable design. 

Are Katanas Illegal?

  • Given that a sword like katanas is not used in daily life or in battle anymore, they’re not necessarily illegal. 
  • The Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 usually omits any legal issues against owning novelty blades like katanas and sabers. 
  • It’s highly unlikely that katanas are used in crimes or as modern-day weapons, so they have the status of antiques and collectibles. 
  • There really aren’t any specific storage requirements or purchasing limitations on them. 

Where To Find The Best Katana Sword?

There’s a high chance that if you’re looking for a collectible katana sword, you’d have to find rare antiques or buy modern replicas. While the chances of getting something authentic are slim, you can get high-quality, first-grade replicas. These replicas are actually quite abundantly available online in weapon stores that sell novelty, collectible swords. 

Get Katana For Sale That Belie Their Price

Sword collectors are always looking for quality pieces that look authentic but are affordable. If you know where to look online, there are plenty of amazing Swords for Sale. Take a look at some of the stunning swords that you can buy for a fraction of the price of real ones. 

  • Black Samurai Sword Jintachi – talk about decadence and affordability. This gorgeous decorated katana costs only $20.69. The stainless steel blade and the leather cord-wrapped handle definitely looks much more extravagant than their modest price. 
  • Dragon Samurai Katana Sword – Black and White Cord Wrapped Handle – when you buy katana swords for collection, you expect aesthetic and craftsmanship. This beautiful katana features a black scabbard, contrasting white detail and a red carved dragon detail. This intricately designed katana costs $13.79 but looks like a 100 bucks. 
  • Last Samurai Sword – Sword of Battle – would you believe it, if you were told that you can have the replica katana from Last Samurai for $18.39 only? Well you should, because you can, and this amazing replica katana comes with its own collector’s hand tag and carved samurai inscription.

Cheap Swords, High Quality

You might be thinking it seems implausible that such amazing collectibles are available at such stellar prices. But this is possible because unlike weapon stores or pawn shops, online retailers sell wholesale swords at slashed prices. Notable retailers like KnifeImport have a jaw-dropping collection of knives, such as the ones listed above. You can find the sword that fits your wall and your budget, without compromising on quality.  


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