Decorating with Light: Tips and Tricks

Decorating with Light

Any room of your home needs to be properly lit and there are certain fixtures that always get installed: ceiling lights, table lamps, etc. Usually people are not too concerned about lighting beyond the general or task lighting. Creating layered decor will create a look that will complement any room. The following tips and tricks will help you to decorate your home with multi lighting

Accent vs. Decorative Lighting: What’s the Difference?

It is common for people to mistakenly assume that accent lighting and decorative lighting are the same. Keep in mind, however, that you are highlighting something with accent lighting. It may be a painting or a decorative feature like a doorway or fireplace. Sconces flanking a fireplace are examples. Their purpose is to highlight a room’s focal point, which is usually where the eye is drawn. 

Decorative lighting is purely decorative, serving no other purpose than to boost the overall atmosphere of the room. This type of lighting does not operate as an illumination source. You can argue that it adds a touch of beauty, elegance, or warmth to any room. Despite this being true, the ‘purpose’ of email is not necessarily the same. 


If you’re not sure what “decorative” pendants are, begin by defining what they are. You can start with small side table lamps. Starting with a piece that emits a small amount of illumination (typically with a lower wattage) is a great place to start. 

Also, items that can be used for multiple purposes make great embellished ceiling lights. Add decorative lighting to the space with scented oil warmers, for instance. Several great options for lighted water features include small lighted water fountains.
On top of all of this, it is also worthwhile to note that some believe decorative lighting is the actual visual appearance of the piece itself rather than the intensity of the light it generates. The decorative lighting we select is which is a part of every lighting scheme, if we look at it from this perspective. Several different types of pendants, including chandeliers, are perfect examples of pendants that are both decorative and functional. 

The lighting is simply one of many pieces of the puzzle, so it’s important to remember that. And it’s perhaps the most important one. There should be a variety of lighting styles in your home: ambient (general), task, accent, and decorative. Lighting schemes would never be complete without them all.


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