Dating Sites or Apps: What is Safer?

Dating Sites

When you had to live in fear of hackers and scammers on dating platforms is long gone. Yes, there are still petty people who create fake profiles to mess with honest members or capitalize on naivety. They don’t care app or site; it’s all the same for them. Should you care? Are there differences in safety on dating apps and dating sites? Find out below, but first, let’s focus on the benefits of both platforms.

Benefits of Dating Sites

The first thing you have to know about modern dating sites is that most of them have dating apps. Those who don’t are responsive, so they work smoothly on all devices. Still, a lot of online daters are disappointed by sites that don’t have an app. On the other hand, you can find a single flirtini app or any other dating app review where someone is angry because there is no website. That might make you think that dating sites are obsolete, but the truth is much different. Let’s see the benefits dating sites still provide to their members:

  • quick registration – most sites don’t allow Facebook or Google registration, but the registration process doesn’t take more than 5 minutes
  • a lot of special features – while dating apps are usually simple, different sites offer various features and membership levels with special perks
  • some are for very specific groups of people – by joining a specialized site, you have a better chance of meeting somebody who shares your interests
  • you can meet people all around the world – you can do that on apps too, but most apps are made to connect people who live in the same area
  • better for serious relationships


Benefits of Dating Apps

You see, sites are still doing great, but apps have their benefits as well.

  • some of them are free – still, read reviews on AppStore or Google Play to check out can you meet someone as a free member
  • you can chat 24/7 – as long as you have a phone, you can chat and meet new people
  • most allow you to register with Facebook or Google account – that makes joining even quicker
  • better for casual dating – apps connect you with people nearby who (usually) want to have casual relationships
  • popular among younger people – young people are glued to their phones, it’s logical that they’ll prefer dating apps over dating sites
  • better if you want to get results quickly – busy people prefer apps because they can arrange dates on the go. Also, the average app user spends much less time chatting before meeting in person than the average dating site user.

Technology for Safety Used on Modern Dating Platforms

Online dating is evolving thanks to technology. Common methods of protecting members from scammers on dating platforms are still useful. Email verification is the best example of a simple yet useful safety feature. Sadly, hackers are evolving alongside technology. Luckily, AI is very useful when it comes to protecting websites and apps. Some examples of how AI protects you while dating online:

  • it follows the number of logins to the app/site – if there is a suspicious rise of logins in a short period, that can be a sign hackers are trying to breach the site/app
  • it monitors the behavior of individuals – don’t worry, you still have your privacy, but if AI notices suspicious behavior, it will alert developers who’ll check it out
  • it shows damage on the site – developers sometimes make tiny errors while coding. That’s what experienced hackers are looking for, but AI crawls the site all the time like some mythical serpent. Every time it finds an error, it either fixes it or sends a notification.

Now, when you know that dating apps and sites are safe thanks to modern technology, you can choose a platform that suits your needs without worrying about safety. 


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