Covid-19 Curve: Is it upward or downward? What does the data reveal?

Covid 19
Covid 19

The data of this article is taken from Till May 04, 2020, 06:26 GMT, a total number of affected people from COVID-19 is 3,567,001 while total 248,312 people have died from the pandemic. Even almost all the people are maintaining the social distancing and stay-at-home guidelines, the pandemic is continuing to spread.

On May 3, total 82,260 people have been infected from COVID-19. The total new numbers of affected new people range from 70,000 to 100,000 people per day. The article will discuss the curve of spreading of COVID-19 around the world. Well, automatically, the name of the USA comes first as the USA has a record number of affected people and death numbers. In the USA, Till May 04, 2020, 06:26 GMT, a total number of affected people from COVID-19 is 1,188,421while total 68,602 have died from the pandemic. That means the USA has now total 33.31% of total infected patients and around 27.62% of death cases of COVID-19. New York City has the most number of affected person and death cases. Till now, the city has 323,883 cases of novel coronavirus and 24,648 death cases. The only good news is the curve of numbers of newly infected people has flattened in the USA. The rate of doubling is now around at 24 days but the daily recorded new cases are too high to worried about as around 27000 new cases recorded in the USA per day. It seems at least four other countries among the top 10 has now downward curve. The four countries are Italy, France, Germany and Spain. These new cases of COVID-19 in these countries are in the range of 250 to 1500 daily while numbers of new cases even two weeks ago in these countries were about more than 4000 per day. But some countries are experience upward daily curve and it seems they have not reached their top daily infected numbers yet. Peru, Russia and India are the regions where the curve of daily infected people from novel coronavirus is increasing. Brazil has now downward curve at least from the last two days as daily new numbers of infected people from novel coronavirus has been lowered around 4500 from around peak of 6500. Although comparing the total population, the total number of newly affected number is low in India but the concern is the curve is in an upward way. Even around a month before, India had recorded around 200 to 300 newly infected persons per day but now the daily number has increased around 2500. It seems India has not found their top of the curve as of now.

The curve is showing divergence toward upward in Peru and Russia for at least one week. Few countries recorded significant downward curve from at least the last 10 days. Finland, Indonesia, Morocco, Israel and Japan are examples of these countries. It seems these countries have controlled the overspreading of COVID-19. Although, the daily recorded numbers also depend on a percentage per million testings. Some countries that show lesser infected people have also tested fewer people than countries like USA, Italy, Germany etc.


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