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Car Transport From State to State

Transporting a car from one state to another can generally be a stressful affair, whether you have to move your vehicle to another state because you are relocating due to work, school, or just looking for a different environment. Maybe you bought or sold a car to another state. It doesn’t matter. You want to find an option for moving your car that is most convenient for you. However, what exactly are your options? Let’s find out:

Drive the Vehicle Yourself

You can choose to turn the move into an unexpected road trip and drive the vehicle to the destination yourself. It can be a cheap and convenient option, especially if you move your car to a neighboring state. The trip will probably take just a day to complete, meaning you can keep the travel expenses to a minimum. And more on the plus side, your vehicle is in the hands of someone you can completely trust with it, yourself.

However, the situation gets slightly more complicated if you have to cross multiple stateliness to get to your destination. The drive becomes more prolonged and thus piles on the expenses. You have to factor in gas costs, food, and of course, lodging (if your journey will take more than a few days). You will also have to include the wear and tear that will occur on your vehicle with such a long drive. Moreover, while driving the car yourself on such a long drive, you run the risk of getting into an accident, poor road conditions, and running into harsh weather conditions. Also, note that you will be driving through states that you may not be familiar with, which adds to the stress.

Thus while driving yourself might seem ideal for nearer states, it’s not the case for states that are further away.

Have Someone Else Drive it For You

You can choose to request the help of a family member, friend or hire a professional concierge service to drive the vehicle for you to your destination state. This option saves you from having to drive the car yourself. Nevertheless, it can be hard to completely trust someone to drive your vehicle for such a long drive. Most people have a special connection to their cars, and allowing someone to drive your car and hope that they will keep it safe can be challenging.

Using a Car Shipping Company

Enlisting a car shipping company’s services is the safest and most convenient way to move your car from state to state. It is completely hassle-free as you get to sit back and let the professionals who know what they are doing handle your vehicle’s transportation. Furthermore, a trailer or truck transports your vehicle; thus, no wear and tear and no added risks caused by being on the road. Hiring a cheap car shipping company is worth it.

Nevertheless, you should note that there are thousands of car shipping companies in America right now, and not all have the purest intentions. Thus, ensure you do thorough research of any company that you might potentially be using. Ensure that they are credible and licensed by checking the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) website. Also, check any online reviews about the company on Google or Yelp. Once you find a few companies that cater to your needs, you can request quotes, compare, and contrast your options. However, refrain from making your choice based on price only. Consider the quality of work the company does before making a decision.

Now that you know your options for moving a car from state to state, you can pick the one most convenient to you.

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