Bitrix24 Review vs Asana Review: Which One is Better?

There are several popular project management solutions that make it difficult for businesses to make the right choice. Two products that stand out are Bitrix24 and Asana because of their intuitive layout and management features. This article is a Bitrix24 review vs Asana review so the side-by-side comparison can give buyers the insight they need to make a decision. We have outlined the presentation, structure, and functionality of both platforms to outline their strengths and weaknesses.

Bitrix24 Review

Bitrix24 offers users basic customer relationship management and lead management features. It is the perfect software for small to mid-sized businesses. There is a free version available for startups too which is ideal for teams of less than 12. The unlimited user package starts at $99 per month and includes several advanced features such as file sharing, automation, and email marketing integration. 

The wide range of functions available on Bitrix24 facilitates users in centralizing all communications and collaborating with other teams. The only concern buyers have when comparing Bitrix24 reviews vs Asana reviews is related to the learning curve because they think the wide array of functions will be overwhelming for beginners.  

User Support

Bitrix24 is more than just a CRM solution which can be a lot to take in. However, the software has a welcome user guide that will pop up for new users. They can access any of the introductory videos to learn more about the powerful tool. They have an online training course available that walks users through all the features. The user interface is simplified and looks similar to a social media newsfeed. 

CRM Features

Bitrix24 has a dedicated CRM section where users can create new leads, records, invoices, and agreements. The navigation panel contains links to all the previous data which can be sorted according to the person responsible, date modified, deal status, and other customizable filters. The users can also create new tasks, conversations, groups, and events or share media files using the multifunctional platform. There are multiple category options to keep all records organized. 

Sales Management

Lead management is very easy with Bitrix24 CRM because it has multiple lead-capture forms available on the web-based platform. Users can create their own web forms too or edit the existing template to customize the different fields such as contact person, email address, client requirements, and other important notes. When you read Bitrix24 reviews vs Asana review, it is evident that Bitrix24 has a better drag-and-drop form designer where companies can add their logos, mottos, and personalized text with ease. The forms can be accessed through the CRM module and are completely editable. 

Software Integration

Bitrix24 CRM can integrate multiple popular tools for email marketing and communication. The users can also directly integrate the tool with their Gmail account so they can receive all their notifications in their inbox. Clicking on any link from Bitrix24 will open a new window within the inbox so the users can perform the necessary actions without closing their email. The portal also has its dedicated email function where users can sign up for the email address if they do not have their own domain. 

Asana Review

Asana is a project management software that manages tasks, employees, and documents. It can be used to track the activities of all team members and reminds users of their responsibilities. All information included in the files such as necessary steps and due dates can be found in one place. When comparing Bitrix24 reviews vs Asana reviews, the one Asana feature that stands out is its flexibility. The user can decide which tasks they want to track and set up alerts for specific action items. The platform has added several new options and templates to allow teams to structure their work. 

Basic Setup

Before Asana software can be used by the organization, the managers need to create an implementation plan for the software. This tool is not as simple as other project management solutions despite having an intuitive interface. The users have to decide which processes they will be tracking through Asana and how to organize them. Some teams might benefit from the project templates which can help set everything up, however even that requires a higher degree of customization than Bitrix24.

User Experience

Asana project management software is available in the browser version, desktop software, and mobile application. It has an intuitive and responsive interface with attractive design elements which draw the user’s attention toward important features. There are some surprises on the screen such as confetti animation to celebrate milestones but these effects can be disabled if they do not appeal to your taste.

Task Management

The most important feature in any project management software is task tracking and management. One difference in the Bitrix24 reviews vs Asana reviews is that related to their task management capabilities. With Asana users can create multiple subtasks assigned to each person along with the due date, recurring date, attachment, tags, comments, and followers. Anyone that follows a task will receive updates whenever changes are made. The comments section is extremely useful because it supports editing, formatting, posting, mentions, and rich text.

Security Features

Asana software offers a secure connection to all users with encrypted protocols. The platform hosts data using secure and audited centers. There is also a bug bounty option where users can disclose vulnerabilities they find in the system. The company adheres to all the industry standards and conducts regular third-party audits to validate all safety measures. They maintain maximum security and users can check the software status from other communication platforms such as Slack too. 


One similarity in the Bitrix24 reviews vs Asana reviews is that the user interface is well-designed. The vendors have put a lot of thought into the user experience and created a platform that can help perform team-based operations. Both have an extensive set of features and allow users to manage workflows in multiple ways. When choosing a collaboration software, users should request a demonstration first to see the system in person before committing.

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