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Bitrix24 has been popular in the modern business world as one of the best project management software. However, only a few businesses know that this software works very well in CRM. But how to use it? Read this Bitrix24 review to know how to use the software in CRM.

By being present on social media and networks, your company will get many benefits. From public attention and awareness, the use of social media channels for publishing, promoting, to interacting with existing and potential customers. All can be achieved easily.

If the above factors are included in the interest of your business, you should consider using Bitrix24 Social Media CRM. With this software, you are paving the way for business and social network integration. How? Let’s dive further!

A Brief about Social CRM

Just the same as other CRM, social media CRM has the same systems and methods. However, Social media CRM provides integration with social media platforms. This means that you can integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. This type of CRM helps you to interact with customers using those platforms.

In the digital media world, social media CRM is a must. It helps the companies to take your customer relationships and strong sales intensely example of a quote.

Bitrix24 software makes it easier for integration with all enterprise business processes. Now you can easily organize a single integrated system to manage your company. In addition, you can interact with your customer base anywhere. This is the main reason that makes Bitrix24 turn out to be one of the most popular CRMs in the digital market industry.

Bitrix24 in Social CRM for Your Marketing Campaigns

By using the CRM Marketing Module from Bitrix24 features, you can reach potential and existing customers easily. The process will be done through the most effective channels such as Facebook, Messenger, SMS, email, phone, and push notifications.

Another great thing about using Bitrix24 for your marketing campaigns is that it helps you track the marketing costs. Additionally, the software will automatically calculate your ROI. In this way, you will know everything in detail. This means you will know which marketing channel, campaign, or even keyword that reaches the highest return on investment.  

Bitrix24 in Social CRM for Your Sales Teams

When we talk about Bitrix24 in social CRM, we know that it is social and designed for your sales team. The best thing is, there are no additional settings required. All the social media leads will be automatically added to Bitrix24 Social CRM.

From the Bitrix24 demo, we can know how this will help the sales staff to collaborate with potential customers. It will make it easier for your staff to see customers who have shown an interest in your company or product. Most importantly, this feature also allows you to contact your customers directly. Yes, you can contact them from your CRM card via phone, zoom, email, or through social media profiles.

Bitrix24 Social CRM for Customer Support

According to a Bitrix24 review, the software offers a special module called Contact Center. This allows you to connect multiple social media platforms and messengers. With this, you can easily connect your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram Business, Apple Business Chat, Viber, Telegram, WeChat, and Skype.

On the platforms above, you can then receive incoming messages from customers and reply to them in a brief time. As an entrepreneur, you know that it is very convenient to keep all customer interactions and communications in one place. Again, you will not need any additional settings. All you have to do is simply click the “Connect” button and log in to your social media account. That’s simple.

The Real Practice

Now it’s time to put this into real practice.

For example, in case you want to integrate Bitrix24 software with Twitter integration. All the events such as retweets, direct messages, replies, and adding tweets to your favorites will create new leads in your Bitrix24 Social CRM. All the events from Twitter users will be added to the lead as an activity. You can then do the same with other integrations with other services.

By setting up a business account on any social media platform, you can subscribe to various events. Accordingly, you can enter the email address to which notifications will be sent. The email address will be entered in the Bitrix24 CRM settings. Next, Bitrix24 CRM will process all those emails for either:

  • Create a new lead
  • Attach an event to an existing lead as an activity

How to configure a collection of leads from your Twitter account

Of course, this Bitrix24 review will not be completed without explaining the ways to configure a collection of leads from your Twitter account. Below are the steps you can follow.

  • Use your company account on Twitter to configure notifications for any event you follow.
  • Then, you need to configure your Bitrix24 Social Media CRM to receive email from your POP3 mailbox Go to CRM> Settings> Email Integration. Simply enter the mailbox and parameters.
  • If you choose the Create leads for unknown senders option, the software will create the leads you want to display. Then it will assign them to the users listed in the Owner field.
  • A lead will be created when you receive your first email from Twitter. Eventually, an email about that Twitter user will be added as an activity. 
  • The activity list enables you to read all the emails received from Twitter users. This way, you can then create new leads or contacts from the data contained in them. Ultimately, you can continue working in CRM.  

Bitrix24 Pricing Plan

Of course, if you do not tell the price, the review will not be completed. The best thing about Bitrix24 pricing plans is that they are cheaper than other project management software. First of all, the software allows you to get a free plan to work online and sell more in CRM.

If you want to move up, you can then choose a Basic plan by paying $30 per month. This plan provides you with effective collaboration for SMEs and sales teams.

The Standard plan from Bitrix24 helps expand collaboration across the company and between team members. You can get it for $60 monthly. Finally, you can choose a Professional plan to streamline sales and business process automation with $120 monthly.


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