Bitcoin IRA Guide: Risks And Benefits

Bitcoin and crypto money are the new buzzwords nowadays. Virtually everyone is talking about bitcoin these days, especially with the example of someone who gained millions (read more) in just a few years by investing wisely in the said crypto money. However, does it really invoke the interest of others to invest or is its popularity a by-product of mere human curiosity?

Let’s find out.

Some believe that the value of bitcoin will continue to rise over time as more people and businesses adopt them. The value of one bitcoin has increased from $500 to $16,000 in just one year. As a result, bitcoin is a new kind of currency that is experiencing exponential growth. Investors say investing in BTC for retirement could provide you with significantly better profits while diversifying your portfolio.

Moreover, due to significant institutions and crypto leaders investing extensively in bitcoin, approximately 4% of people hold 96 percent of bitcoin. If you buy bitcoins for investment purposes, you can assume that the value of this cryptocurrency will rise in the future. Nonetheless, always be mindful of its volatility. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about cryptocurrencies, it’s that they’re very risky and volatile. If you’ve opted to save for retirement in a Bitcoin IRA, here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Bitcoin IRA?

Bitcoin or BTC is a new type of money that exists in the form of a digital currency. It is one of the oldest, most popular, and widely traded of the dozen cryptocurrencies available in the market for trading and investment. So, a bitcoin IRA is a type of investment retirement account that includes BTC as part of its asset allocation. 

One term for a bitcoin IRA is a self-directed IRA. Investments in alternative asset classes, such as real estate, precious metals, and cryptocurrency, are permitted in self-directed individual retirement accounts (IRAs). In contrast, such investments are not allowed in traditional retirement accounts. The name “bitcoin” may be on the account, but you can use it to invest in other cryptocurrencies as well. These include Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

How Does BTC Work?

A self-directed IRA can be either a Roth IRA or a traditional IRA, depending on your financial goals. In 2021, the regular IRA contribution limits apply to $6,000 if you’re under 50 years old and $7,000 if you’re 50 years or older. 

In a traditional account, the contributions you’ll be making are tax-deductible, but the funds are taxed when you withdraw. While in a Roth account, there’s no tax break on your contributions, but upon withdrawal, they are tax-free. To have a bitcoin IRA guide, you might wonder, which is better? Given that BTC has price swings, you must think about this critically — will BTC still be successful in the next few years? If you’re an investor who is confident with your investments, you might prefer opening a Roth account, but if you’re expecting the least, then a traditional account will suit your financial objectives. 


The Risks Of A Bitcoin IRA

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, price fluctuations can be both wide-ranging and dramatic. If a decline occurred when you were planning to withdraw funds, it could be a significant issue. Although BTC was able to meet the all-time high, it could be subjected to a market downturn. Remember when the Bitcoin crash (link: happened in the cryptocurrency market last 2018? After booming the said crypto, its value has plummeted by approximately 65 percent from January to February 2018. 

The Benefits Of A Bitcoin IRA

Portfolio Protection

Cryptocurrency is an asset class that is not associated with stocks and bonds, which most people have in their retirement accounts. Even while crypto is risky in its own right, this could help protect your retirement funds. 


Individuals may find that diversifying their retirement investments with BTC assets is beneficial. According to the study, a portfolio should contain 6 percent bitcoin to achieve optimal construction. Even for those who are skeptical of this crypto, the research suggests that, at the very least, a 4 percent allocation should be made to your account. This may help secure those retirement assets in the future in the case of a significant market downturn or other turbulence.


Tax Benefits

If you’ve come to the conclusion that BTC is an excellent diversification tool in your portfolio, you might be concerned about being hit with a large tax bill. In the case of trading, you’ll be subject to capital gains taxes, which could be significant given the cryptocurrency market’s wild swings in and out of favor.


One possible work-around is to make an investment in a Bitcoin IRA. If you’re going to invest in a self-directed account, you’ll be covered from paying taxes on transactions. It is a type of tax-advantaged account. It can alleviate the burden of being taxed on any of your earnings or capital gains. As long as the money is held in your account, you won’t be losing to taxes.


Potential Gains

While bitcoins have experienced some losses, it also has gains that have outpaced other markets. In the case of bitcoins, it appears that BTC will witness significant rises in 2021. According to the analysis, the cryptocurrency is more likely to reach $100,000 this year than to drop down to $20,000.


It isn’t just BTC that is expected to rally this year. Investors also believe that crypto is becoming prominent in general. That means other virtual currencies, such as Ethereum, will likely see gains throughout the year. As a result, it can encourage a large number of people to consider this kind of investment. The recent growth also suggests that now is a perfect moment to join the game and expect a better outcome throughout the year.


Bitcoin is highly unpredictable, yet with that volatility comes the possibility of massive gains. Its enormous upside potential is undoubtedly well worth the risk, primarily if you’re only investing a small portion of your IRA’s total value.

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