Best Places To Ride Your UTV in the Fall

While UTVs are traditionally used as working vehicles in places where traditional cars can’t go, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun with yours during your off-hours This fall, take your UTV to some of the best sand dunes, lakes, and forests on the west coast to adventure through the trails and take in the beautiful fall foliage. 

Coolest West Coast Areas To Ride

From easy trails for beginners to hardcore trails for expert UTV riders, there’s something for everyone when you look up and down the West Coast. Whether along cliffs or through fall-colored forests, you’re sure to find scenic adventures.

Start with the Rubicon Trail in California. Considered one of the best 4×4 trails in the country, the Rubicon takes you through 22 miles of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, including Tahoe National Forest’s challenging terrain. End at Lake Tahoe for a relaxing swim after your ride.

Further north, you’ll find the Christmas Valley Sand Dunes in Oregon. The trail is open year-round to all types of off-roading vehicles and features 11,000 acres of sand dunes for you to explore. The access roads to the dunes aren’t well-maintained, so be prepared for a muddy adventure on the way there.

End your off-roading trip in the northwestern part of the United States by visiting the expert trails on the ride from Clover Springs to Mud Springs in Washington. Be sure to take your radios on these trails. On the best days, they’re narrow and windy with loose, rocky edges. Quick-changing weather in the mountains can make them even more dangerous, so be sure to drive carefully and have all your safety gear on hand as you navigate these cliffside trails. 

Best UTV Upgrades for Fall

All that fall trail-riding requires high-quality upgrades to your UTV for both safety and even more adventure. If you are already adept at buying motorcycle parts, then you know that UTVs also require special upgrades for peak performance.

Start with a roll cage. When you’re climbing steep dunes or splashing through muddy terrain, there’s always a chance you’ll roll. If you do, a roll cage will protect you and your passengers from being ejected, plus it looks awesome when you’re on the road.

You’ll likely want to swap out the standard shocks with some upgrades as well. High-end shock upgrades make it easier for you to control your vehicle, protect the undercarriage from excessive wear and tear, and make the ride a bit easier on your own body. Look for adjustable options that you can change based on the terrain.

Finally, be sure to add performance lighting. Some of the best off-roading adventures happen after dark. The right lighting not only adds a wow factor to your ride but also helps to keep you and everyone else safe. Choose LED headlights and bar lights for the top of your UTV to maximize how far you can see in front of you. A bumper light aimed downward will help you when you’re going downhill, and don’t forget to add lighting to the rear of the UTV as well.

Whether you need motorcycle tiles for sale, want the best UTV upgrades, or are interested in an S&S Super E Carburetor, be sure to work with automotive professionals. Reputable dealers have knowledgeable teams, certified parts, and the ability to help you make the best decisions.

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