Best Mobile Screen Recorder App to Protect Kids from Bad Habits

The age between 8 to 18 is the most impressionable age for kids, where they are still unaware of the consequences of their actions and need someone to keep them safe. Parents hold the responsibility for their kids, ensuring their safety both online and offline. The internet that is being used by kids all day these days is a very dangerous place and kids are most prone to building bad habits online.

The Best Screen Recording App:

For enabling parents to effectively monitor their kids and track their activities, the OgyMogy app has introduced the best and the most effective screen recording feature, designed specifically for parents to keep an eye on their kids and to protect them for bad habits online and offline. This tried and tested app is parents’ favorite way of monitoring their kids as it is both easy to use and reliable as well.

Special Features for Protecting Kids:

The OgyMogy prides itself on the fact that it provides the best screen recorder app, with the greatest number of features, all designed after extensive research and use of the latest technology to ensure that it is easiest and fastest for parents to use in protecting their kids. Kids can develop very harmful habits and addictions online, which now is not limited to age-inappropriate sites alone. The following are some of the features that are very helpful for parents in this regard.

Social Media Apps:

With so many distractions and interesting content available on these social media websites like Facebook and Instagram, no doubt that kids enjoy them. But the problem starts when kids become addicted to these social media apps. Social media addiction is real, well-researched problem, and a bad habit that has destroyed the lives of many children.

The OgyMogy app provides parents the screen recording feature through which they can easily monitor what their kids are doing on their social media apps, the time they are spending on, the posts they are seen, the pages and content they are getting addicted to, the people they are talking too, as well as, their passwords to these websites. This fully equips parents in breaking any bad habits and social media addiction of their kids by limiting their social media usage.

Chat Rooms:

One of the most harmful dangers lurking on the internet are chat rooms. Chat rooms are social media features where kids can talk to different strangers, as well as friends. This can develop a bad habit in kids of being careless and open to more strangers, hence blinding them to the fact that they can get in the hands of cyber-criminals who can destroy their lives. This bad habit can be easily dealt with the OgyMogy’s app’s screen recording feature which enables parents to stop any harmful activity of their kids by looking at their screen recordings.

Age-Inappropriate Websites:

Porn websites are increasing in number day by day, destroying the lives of kids and teenagers especially as these are the age groups most addicted to such websites. This addiction can go a long way in destroying their mental health and relationships in their future, and these addictions get stronger every day, and hence more difficult to break. 

That is why, the screen recording of OgyMogy also provides the parents the screen recording of all online browsing activities, so that they can know if their kids are indulging in such websites and can then stop them from doing so, nipping this addiction and bad habit in the bud.

Personal Data Sharing:

With the amount of social media platforms available and the access of kids to strangers and data sharing apps, kids often share their data with their friends, over the internet. This can include their personal information, their photos and stuff like that which can haunt them in the future. 

This has become one of the most destructive bad habits of children these days and blackmailing has therefore been increasing the last few years. But the OgyMogy app can enable parents to avoid this altogether by proving them all the screen recordings of the data their kids are sharing, so that they can stop the sharing of any critical data which can lead to identity theft, blackmailing, and so on.

Now that you know that the OgyMogy app provides the best screen recording software for parents to protect their kids from bad habits, what are you waiting for? Get a great deal today and be the parent your kids deserve.

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