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Do you work in an office? If so, you might find it difficult to remember who everyone is when you work with them. Do you know who all of your coworkers are? Chances are, if you work in an office building with hundreds of cubicles, it can be difficult to remember who Rebecca is and who Sarah is! 

If you are getting confused, it can be a good idea to suggest to the management staff that they should invest in some type of identification for each person so you can easily figure out who is who. This not only makes employee unity better but it can boost workplace morale. For those who want to get to know their coworkers and have to collaborate with others on team projects, knowing who everyone is can make it easier to form a bond and work better as a team!

Let’s see some ideas for how to make it easy to figure out what everyone is called in your place of work!

Do you think your office should use desk nameplates? We do too! Here are some good desk name plate ideas

Does your office already have desk name plates? If the answer is no, you should consider telling your agent to invest in this smart and easy-to-use method for identifying all of the workers in your building. instead of guessing who is who, you will have no trouble reading the nameplate to figure out who is working on your team and who is part of another organization in your office building! Click here to order some custom desk name plates for your coworkers.

By having desk name plates, you can rescue the risk of confusion, build team unity, and allow for more enhanced workplace collaboration. But what are some interesting desk name plate ideas for you and your coworkers? 

Just the name!

One desk name plate idea that is foolproof and time-tested is just having your name on the desk name plate! Instead of adding fancy designs or interesting slogans, you can just have your name so people can easily and clearly see who you are.


The second idea when browsing desk name plates for your workplace is to include your profession along with your name. This means that you would add your job’s title, such as secretary, client executive, management staff, or other titles that would make it easy to identify who you are and what you do. 


The third idea for desk name plates in your office would be to add a photo along with your name. It doesn’t have to be a photo of who you are, but it can be an engraving of something that you enjoy, giving your coworkers a little idea of who you are outside of the office.


The final idea of desk name plates for your office could be adding a small quote to the underneath of your name on the desk name plate. If you have a favorite quote, consider adding it to your desk name plate so your coworkers can get an idea of your personality or philosophy on life.


When browsing desk name plates for the office, consider using these ideas to tell who is who, who you are working with, and avoid any confusion in the workplace! 


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