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A customer relationship management (CRM) system allows you to spend fewer resources on routine business tasks. This is possible thanks to the automation of the processes of the sales department, marketing, and technical support.

In this article, we have collected the most popular CRM systems: both universal and niche (medicine, education, law, and more). For your convenience, we have added filters by price, availability of the Russian version, size of the business, and the presence of a demo period. Moreover, in the articles, you will find the comments of opinion leaders about different CRM systems.


Convenient CRM for small and medium-sized businesses with a simple interface for effective interaction with the client at all stages of cooperation. Organizes incoming leads, creates personalized promotional offers, and even automatically generates a sales funnel.

The functionality permits you to set tasks for employees, draw up detailed plans and chatter, and training to work with it can be done in a couple of hours.


A cloud-based CRM for little companies founded by expert sales managers in 2010. Presently the system is completely operational in 140 countries of the world. However, the functionality cannot integrate with accounting, so there is no documentary help for sales. When dealing with clients, it will be difficult to issue invoices and manage contracts.

The system is not suitable for large companies due to the lack of a full sales cycle from collecting the first customer information to after-sales service. However, for small and medium-sized businesses, this is a good option with an acceptable cost and a good level of user data security.


Cloud-based report acquisition system for personalized client information based on tickets. The ideal resolution for making the work of support services.

 In online chat, you can use a chatbot, analyze contact productivity based on opinions on chats and agents. Thanks to Zendesk Sell, you will be able to maintain the context of all correspondence with the client, receive push notifications, and create lists of target customers.


One of the numerous popular best crm systems in the world. It is accepted by more than 150 thousand companies, for instance, Toyota, Sony. The system offers solutions for five main areas: sales (cloud sales,, SalesforceIQ for small business), marketing (Service Cloud, Pardot), service (cloud services and, collaboration (Community Cloud, corporate chat Chatter ), analytics (Wave Analytics).

Salesforce is fast, there are integrations with social networks, a simple and intuitive interface. It is convenient that there are ready-made individualized solutions for different business sectors:

  •  Banking;
  •  Retail;
  •  Media;
  •  insurance.

However, the cost of such software is quite high compared to analogs, to expand the functionality, you need to purchase licenses, so this solution is more suitable for the average and large businesses (although CRM offers options for small businesses as well).

Agile CRM

CRM for small business, which has functions for managing contacts, tasks, telephony, appointment.

Marketing tools:

  • integration with social networks (Twitter and Facebook);
  • marketing campaigns;
  • tracking email performance (which emails are opened, customer follow-up actions).

A significant disadvantage for certain categories of business is the lack of the ability to manage trade and warehouse. That is, you cannot keep track of finances, automate inventory, and interact with suppliers.


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