Benefits of Headless WordPress and Decoupled Approach

Headless WordPress is the approach if using WordPress CMS for back-end only and maintaining the database and REST APIs. Usually, when we talk about the WordPress approach of website development, we are referring to the dynamic website. while you make adjustments for your web page at the admin dashboard that is the back-end, you notice the corresponding effects at the front stop which means the stay pages site visitors have got right of entry to. In this conventional model, WordPress serves each the front and back ends of your website.

Decoupled Approach for Website development

 When we communicate approximately headless WordPress, we’re referring to a setup wherein you’re no longer the use of WordPress to generate the frontend of your web page. Instead, WordPress acts simplest because of the backend. For the frontend based on the static site generator, you can use another platform that connects with WordPress through its API, or installation of a static website. This is the JAMstack website development mainly based on the Gatsby WordPress themes.

Benefits of Headless and Decoupled Approach

One important factor that gives you a reason why you need to apply this method is to make sure a separation of concerns.

  • The frontend and the backend are interacting through endpoints; everyone may be on its separate server which may be optimized mainly for every respective task, i.e. one by one jogging a PHP app and using a Node.js app.
  • By setting apart your frontend from the backend, it’s less complicated to remodel it within the future, without converting the CMS. Also, front-end builders most effectively want to care approximately what to do with the statistics the backend offers them.
  • This permits them to get innovative and use present-day libraries like ReactJS, Vue or Angular to supply noticeably dynamic net apps. For example, it’s less complicated to construct a modern net app whilst the usage of the aforementioned libraries.
  •  Another benefit is pondering withinside internet site security. Exploiting the internet site through the backend will become tougher due to the fact it’s in large part hidden from the public.


The technology world has got millions of brains working for various approaches and growing continuously. This continuous research and improvements in the sector have helped and supported other businesses like anything. If you only take the example of website development you will realize how it started and where is it now.   The website was once developed through HTML and coding and then the no-code technology was introduced in the form of content management systems like WordPress then came the static site generation concept that was a solution to the problems of using the content management system. Today we develop websites using both technologies like using Gatsby WordPress Themes & templates by using the JAMstack technology. These revolutions have encouraged businesses to build their websites, approach global clients through web applications. The individuals are encouraged to start their businesses without investment and by sitting in their home by using the website and social media.

We believe the technology will keep on growing and we must be aware of the fact that this revolution will encourage more and more businesses to automate themselves and think big by viewing a bigger picture through their websites based on the decoupled approach that provides speed, security and scalability.     

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