Automate Your Shared Workspace Bookings with Coworking Software

Are you a manager looking for ways on how you can make your shared space bookings more efficient and organized? Coworking space software is a type of software that helps manage and optimize co-working spaces.

Coworking space software can help managers make their shared space bookings more efficient by; it controls conference room scheduling, manages billing and payments, helps with communication, and assists with the maintenance of the spaces, etc.

1) Helps you Control Room Scheduling

Coworking space software can draw grids on the calendar of which spaces are occupied and by whom in real-time. This can be especially useful when booking rooms in another location to avoid double-booking or when trying to schedule an event that spans multiple rooms. 

2) Manages billing and payments

Since co-working space software often automates billing and payments, it can help with scheduling. For instance, when managers need to book shared spaces in another location, the software cuts down on the time needed to go through the payment process, therefore, making the booking process more efficient. 

3) Help with Communication

Co-working space software often provides a messaging system that allows for easy communication between managers and employees. This can increase the productivity of scheduling shared spaces because it makes it easier to communicate any changes or updates that need to be made to a shared space booking. 

4) Helps with Maintenance of the Spaces

The software provides an inventory system that gives real-time updates of what is in each space. This can prevent co-workers from occupying a space that is unavailable or occupied by other equipment. This can save time when scheduling shared spaces because it cuts down on wasted trips where managers go to a space that is already occupied.

5) Has a Real-time Dashboard with all the Data that is needed

This software also allows managers to track their team’s usage of shared spaces. This can allow for more efficient scheduling because it provides all the data that managers need to see who is occupying which spaces and for how long. The real-time dashboard shows information about occupancy in real-time and the scheduling function allows users to quickly see when shared spaces are booked versus free.

6) Integrates all your Desk Space into One Platform (includes sales, marketing, and customer support)

This can help with better communication and coordination between different teams. For example, if a desk in the office is not being used by anyone, the marketing team can take it over for a photoshoot, additionally allowing sales and customer support to use it. This can be helpful for scheduling room reservations that might need to change rooms during the span of an event, or for reserving a desk in a specific location.

7) Provide Customer Support

Co-working space software often provides a customer support system that can help with any questions or concerns that employees might have about the booking process. This can help with making the booking process more efficient by providing a support system that is easy to access and that employees can trust.

8) Automate the Booking Process

Coworking space software often automates the booking process. This can help with making the booking process more efficient by reducing the time that is needed to complete the booking. For example, managers no longer need to put in a new reservation each time they book another room because it is automatically added to the managers’ calendar.


These are just some of the many benefits that you can get from using co-working space software as a manager. So if you are looking for a way to make your shared space bookings more efficient, then you should definitely consider using co-working space software. 

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