Are there WhatsApp spy apps available?


WhatsApp is a common social networking platform that most people use these days for conversation and multimedia sharing. However, with the increase in the use of social media and social networking applications, there is an increased number of cases of people cheating, kids being bullied, and involvement in inappropriate activities. This creates a vital need for WhatsApp spying applications. And in that case, the technology is not behind anymore. There are a ton of applications available on the internet. And some of the spying applications will provide you all the information that you are looking for via WhatsApp tracking.

While you are searching for WhatsApp spy app, we have a list of the best options available. Make sure to look at these applications based on the features they provide and the services they have to offer.

WhatsApp spying apps for you

Below we have mentioned the WhatsApp spying applications that you can use.

TheOneSpy application

TOS application is a non-rooted tracking application for the WhatsApp Messenger. This cell phone spy app will not only track the activities of the targeted user on WhatsApp messages but also track the media. You can check the photos and videos that are shared or received on the WhatsApp. You can also spy on the contacts are the recipient of the chat. This spying application is perfect for the people who are looking for or an amazing spy application that does not cost a lot. Moreover, this application can track the WhatsApp activities of a user on Android and iOS both.

There is one other feature that you might not find in many other tracking applications is that it can record the screen of the WhatsApp to provide you with the evidence and actual conversation as well. You can easily check the WhatsApp conversations and the media through the control panel anytime you want. TheOneSpy application will provide you with access to the control panel to spy and track the targeted user’s activities.


This is another spying and tracking application that is famous among people who want to track Android and iPhone. This application comes with all-inclusive features, which include Location tracking, call log tracking, group chats tracking, messages tracking, and social media activity as well. However, if you want to track the WhatsApp of a targeted user, you can track the messages and media both only on the Android. But on the iPhone, you can only track the WhatsApp chat and not media. If you want to track the general activities such as call tracking, contacts, messages, and location, you should get this spy application. But if you want to track WhatsApp, this may not be the best option concerning the pricing.


The Flexispy is another one of your WhatsApp spying applications on our list. This application requires jailbreak and routing as well. It is a remote application that can help you with spying on WhatsApp and all activities that are going on in the WhatsApp Messenger. This Flexispy tracking application is compatible with both Android and iPhone as well. You can check the photos, multimedia, and the conversations sent as well. The multimedia that you can check on WhatsApp includes photos, videos, and audio clips as well.


The Mspy application is one of the high quality and trusted applications that most people use. It is not only compatible with Android but IOS as well. With the Mspy app, you can check and monitor the call logs of the targeted user. You will also have the feature of checking the emails, locations, text messages as well. And when it comes to WhatsApp chats, you can also monitor them with the Mspy application. This application will provide complete details about the messages, contact numbers, and all the information.


The WhatsApp spy app is the need of the time to make sure that your kids are out of danger. Not only for the kids, but you can also use this application for other tracking and monitoring services as well. You can spy the WhatsApp accounts of your employees also, just to make sure that they aren’t leaking any confidential company documents or details to the rival companies.


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