Are DevOps Certifications Valuable?

DevOps Certification is a formalized testing program which is intended to ensure the applications have achieved the desired level of knowledge and skill for working in the converged areas of IT operations as well as software development. 

Here are the reasons why a DevOps certification is valuable 

1. It increases Development Success Rates

One of the leading reasons why a deployment fails is because of programming errors. The frequent release of code occasioned with the DevOps approach ensures problem detection at an earlier stage. Time is a lot shorter with dev and ops teams working together. 

2. Shorten Production Cycles

Siloed development and operations team extent the production cycle unnecessarily, which makes it harder for both the teams to collaborate on the processes required to get the software operational. To speed up innovation and development, close collaboration is done through the elimination of silos. 

3. It increases efficiency through automation 

Specific tasks in the development process cannot be automated, and continuous integration reduces manual processes in developing and testing. DevOps focuses the developer’s attention on those tasks such as build acceleration tools for faster compilation of code, parallel workflow processes, for the smooth operation of the continuous delivery and cloud-based platforms, the use of hardware resources during the development ties up relevant system infrastructure unnecessarily. 

4. It improves collaboration and communication 

The DevOps has revolutionized software development culture because when all the stakeholder team takes part in the development process, they focus on a common goal instead of working with different objectives. Better communication has a lot of benefits like 

• It leads to seamless development cycles

• Quick error discovery/resolution 

• Faster route to market. 

5. A good Organizational Culture

When you work on a DevOps team, it improves your interpersonal relationships and builds interdepartmental trust such as it promotes a better understanding of other teams, their challenges and what it takes to accomplish their tasks, networking across departments helps to curve alternative career paths, and the team realize that other department and team members can help to shoulder the challenges they face while working. 

6. It increases the Product Quality 

The DevOps process builds quality into the development process, thereby reducing instances of unplanned work. A focus on security during the designing and development stage minimizes the need to remedy security issues later on. It saves time and freeing more resources for other work. Also, every member of the team is equally responsible for quality and security. This collective responsibility ensures team accountability for the final product. 

7. Work with Good Developers

Few developers are good at what they do, while others have poor coding skills. DevOps provide a solution to this problem. The frequent assessment done makes it easier to assess the performance of developers within a DevOps team. In this way, each team member is tasked with responsibilities most suited to their skill. DevOps recognize that software creation is not all about just coding; there are many other things involved in it. If one member is not good at something, he/she might be good in some other work like if a team member who is terrible at coding could be good at any of the different role and vice versa. 

8. It increases your value

There are many new trends in IT every few months with a promise of it to be a speedier, better, comfortable and more efficient way of doing things. By introducing practical methodologies, the industry experts work on enhancing the overall software development process. If you are dedicated to your IT career, you must pursue a DevOps certification to complement your years of experience, and it will help you to stay relevant in an ever-evolving industry. DevOps automation capabilities will get you more work done and will also provide you with better support to operations. 

9. Increases your salary

Nowadays, DevOps are in high demand as companies continue to seek out ways to improve the workflow processes. Though your salary will be based on the role you have, the average pay for the different roles is not radically different. A DevOps release manager earns an average of $92K, a DevOps Engineer $115K and a Site Reliability Engineer $125K.

10. Become respected in IT

The increasing incidents of black-hat hacking over the past few years, security are a pressing concern for many organizations. 54% of the companies currently entrust the task of implementing security measures to DevOps personnel. This indicates that mastering DevOps security best practices can broaden your skills in dealing with security issues. 

These above-mentioned reasons tell us that DevOps Certification is valuable.

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