Announcing the RISE Award for Classified School Employees

The Recognizing Inspirational School Employees (RISE) awards were passed by Congress in March 2019. The core purpose of these awards was to recognize the outstanding contributions of classified school employees towards quality education in the US. These employees have contributed their fair share in providing education to students. 

Classified school employees who are eligible for the awards include technical services, health and student services, security services, maintenance and custodial services, food and nutrition services, transportation services, administrative and clerical services, skilled trades, as well as paraprofessionals. These employees are recognized through this award because they offer essential services to the school community. They play a vital role in offering the success, safety, and welfare of the students. This personnel was related to pre K-12 students. 

RISE Award Gives an Opportunity to Paraprofessionals to Shine 

Since paraprofessionals make up almost one-third of public schools and they have never been recognized for their services to the school community before, these awards will help them work harder. In addition to this, there are a total of nearly 3 million staff members in the public universities, colleges, and schools of the US. Hence, this award recognizes the efforts they have put for so many years in the education system. The nominees are required to demonstrate excellence in some of the areas, such as leadership and commitment, community and school involvement, boosting the goodwill of classified school employees in schools and community, as well as their role as local support. However, 

Show Support and Celebrate Paraprofessional Staff

This award celebrates the ‘unsung heroes’ because they are considered as the ‘living infrastructure’ of the public schools in the US. Furthermore, paraprofessionals are considered to be the support system of the school. They engage with students in hallways, health rooms, cafeterias, classrooms, as well as on buses. They work in close relations with the students and ensure their safety along with offering them support so they are challenged to learn new aspects. 

Despite their relentless efforts and support to the school community, they have always been overlooked. However, this award will acknowledge their presence, efforts and they are now considered to be some of the hard-working people in the school community. Additionally, this award is also a way to highlight it to the school community that it takes a whole team to ensure the success of students and these paraprofessionals play an equally important role in the community.

RISE Awards 2019 Winners

The RISE awards that are held annually highlight the efforts of the top rising stars in the insurance industry who have demonstrated leadership in their community and organization, as well as their commitment to advancing the industry. There were a total of 12 winners of RISE awards in 2019. We’ve mentioned their names and school communities underneath.

  • Andrea DeField,Hunton Andrews Kurt LLP
  • Bradley Gronke, Gallagher Bassett
  • Ashley Robitaille, Acadia Insurance
  • Chelsea Fowler, Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Candice Elliott,Meemic Insurance Company
  • Jessica Colley, QBE North America
  • Jeffrey Foster,Hylant Insurance
  • Kelly Behrens, Vela Insurance Services
  • Katy Murphy, The Main Street America Group
  • Payal Patel, Marsh JLT Specialty
  • Nathaniel Brand, Selective Insurance Company of America
  • Sherria Williams, United Automobile Insurance Company

RISE 2020 Awards

The RISE awards 2020 is an opportunity through which the staff and other faculty members are celebrated for their work with social justice, Cheap Essay, as well as diversity, and off-campus. The employees are nominated by their peers for these awards. With the help of this award, excellence is promoted. As their work is appreciated, they are motivated to improve their performance and produce better results. In this way, the school community operates efficiently. In addition to this, they are awarded for their exemplary services to students in pre-kindergarten throughout their high school. 

The benefits of RISE awards 2020 is that the winner is recognized nationally for their contribution to the community and the school. They are recognized at the state as well as the federal level. Furthermore, public as well as private school employees are eligible for this award. The registrations for RISE 2020 awards are open and schools are encouraged to apply so they can nationally recognize the performance of their support staff. 

RISE awards provide a platform top professionals to shine for their hard work and efforts they have invested in the school as well as the community for years. The schools should also nominate their employees to appreciate their efforts, as they are considered to be the backbone of the school.

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