Amazing Facts About eSports You Didn’t Know

Being in the gaming industry is a dream job for many people nowadays not only because everyone likes playing them, but the salaries are also amazing. The industry changed a lot in the past decade and it has been on the rise ever since. It almost reached $100 billion in 2021 and the estimates for the next 4 years are 200% higher.

One of the crucial factors why gaming gets more popularity is that it’s involved in gambling so besides having the ally 400 predictions, you can also support your favorite team. The viewer base is also increasing every year and more people are accepting the fact that gaming is now a sport.

What do eSports Include?

Esports or electronic sports is a term used for professionals competing in video games. Some of the most popular games include League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, FIFA, Fornite, Star-Craft, and many more. Even a decade ago, there were some big prizes you could win but nowadays it’s not a whole new level.

Almost every championship from the games mentioned has a prize pool of a few million dollars. Even the mobile gaming industry is making billions of dollars which means that there can be more investments in gaming. A great thing is that most pros are teenagers but everyone can be a part of it.

The US Supports Gamers

If you think that gamers are not being taken seriously, you should know that the US government is provided visa cards for professional athletes that need to visit the country for competition. This was the first big change that happened in professional gaming in 2013. After the US, the Japanese government also made changes that many people think would never happen.

China Has a Gaming City

China is the capital of gaming and many people don’t know how many popular games are there because some are only played in their country. Because their gaming scene is on the next level, they also have a lot of benefits including lower prices for in-game purchases.

Hangzhou is the city in China where all major championships are played. The city cover around 70 football field or 360k square meters. They have everything that a gaming city should have including an academy where young players are enhancing their skills and learning new things.

Football Clubs Support eSports

One of the biggest names in League of Legends is definitely Schalke 04 even if they didn’t have huge success like other teams. But, there’s a big chance they influenced other football teams to join the gaming community and make their eSports team.

In 2022, almost every major tournament has at least one team named after a football club. PSG is also coming to the spotlight in League of Legends. After this trend, even basketball clubs started to invest in LoL teams.

You Can Get a Scholarship

Trying to become a professional gamer in China or Japan is very difficult but if you are from the US, there’s a big chance you can get a scholarship if you are good at gaming. There are around 50 colleges that offer this great opportunity to their top players.

The number of colleges that are giving the scholarship will increase in the upcoming years considering how big of an influence gaming has on people. More players are becoming a part of the community and even older people are hooked on gaming.

More Popular Than Other Sports

A great thing about numbers is that they can prove certain things like that League of Legends is more popular than basketball. This isn’t fully true because there are more people watching basketball and playing it on a daily basis, but the single event that happened in 2018 had something different in mind.

The League of Legends championship final managed to pull 200 million viewers across all platforms. When you combine all the games that are played and tournaments, the number is close to 500 million.

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