All You Need to Know About the Visitor Management Software.

Wondering what a visitor management software is? Here, you will get all your questions answered regarding the latest technology to manage your visitors data efficiently.

Let’s talk about this safe & secure technology first, A visitor management software enables you to keep an eye on your daily visitors and helps you capture their activities in your premises. This completely automated software registers your visitors by taking their details and saves it in its database. This software can be installed in offices, schools, coworking spaces, hotels, and hospitals. Earlier, there used to be a separate person sitting at the desk for registering the data of the visitors with the help of a pen and paper. But, the time has changed now and everything is automated.

Secondly, If we talk about how is the visitor management system beneficial, then below are some points

QR based identification

Every visitor pass will have a unique QR code which will enable unique and touchless check-in.

In the times of this pandemic, people are more concerned and careful about what they come in touch with and thus this touchless check-in facility is proved very beneficial to everyone. You just need to register yourself once and after that, you will receive a pass which will also consist of a QR code.

Improved security and safety

The safety and security of the people should be at the top of the list when counting the priorities of an organization. Hosts have the authority to accept or deny the entry of any visitor through the software. This ensures that no unauthorized person enters the building or premise.

Tracking visitors activities

This software sends timely notifications to the host for seeking the entry permission of visitors. The host has the authority to access or deny the entry of any visitor through this system, this makes it even more reliable and efficient. It helps them to track the activities being performed by the visitors and to locate them in the building through this software. Notifications are sent through email, SMS, or through a mobile application, making it even easier to control.

Visitor experience/feedback

Customer satisfaction means increased brand value this means if the customer is satisfied with your services and quality then definitely it will add to your brand value. This system enables you to record your customers feedback by asking them to write reviews about your quality of services or by giving star ratings. By this, the organization will get to know their areas of improvement or where they need to work to satisfy their visitors. 

Easy to use

It becomes a childs play when it comes to using this software. In other words, we can say that it is very easy to use and access it. It just requires you to fill in your basic details like name, contact details, email, and your purpose of visiting. Sometimes it may also require your picture. Once all your details are filled it will print you a pass, which will also have a QR code on it through which you can ensure touchless entry.

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