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Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising areas of the high-tech industry. Personalized recommendations in various services, autopilots in cars, self-learning voice assistants – the amount of areas in which AI is involved is regularly increasing. The hype encompassing artificial intelligence is drawing attention to it from investors as well. In 2018, billions of dollars were spent on AI firms. Researchers at PricewaterhouseCoopers predict the market will grow to $ 15 trillion by 2030.

However, not every company pretending to use artificial intelligence is developing this technology. Many startups are gaining dubious assertions about the usage of AI in their goods in an effort to attract investors and customers. Investment funds firm MMC conducted a study that revealed that out of 2,830 European startups that identified themselves as organizations developing artificial intelligence technologies, only 1,580 companies fit the classification. That is, almost half only declare their commitment to AI, without creating anything in reality. But there are also positive examples.

German Autolabs

A Berlin-based company that develops a voice assistant named Chris. Its peculiarity is that it concentrates on in-car use. The representative is enclosed in a round-shaped device with a sample that is placed on the dashboard. Chris recognizes sound and movements to make easy requirements so as controlling music or transmitting text information. In the expectation, the organization intends to continue flying skills to the assistant.


A French ai development company that applies artificial intelligence to increase the efficiency of human settlements management. The company monitors urban project and treats data using AI algorithms so that it can then reduce contamination, optimize transport infrastructure and manage resources.

The Qucit platform collects information from various sources:

  •  weather conditions;
  •  traffic;
  •  pollution levels;
  •  urban infrastructure.

Then the AI ​​works with the received data and develops recommendations that allow, for example, to better plan the work of state transport, manage parking lots, and improve the safety of the city through patrolling. Qucit is a model of how artificial intelligence can perform our municipalities more growing and safer to live in. The organization lately increased 1.7 million euros to further develop the platform.


A research laboratory from Germany that launches machine learning campaigns in different areas, including medical care. MX Healthcare, one of Merantix’s subsidiaries, is developing an artificial intelligence algorithm that may analyze mammogram X-rays and identify symptoms of breast cancer with certain accuracy. Use Xray shield and other protective equipment if you work in the medical imaging field.


An Amsterdam-based company that analyzes emotions. AI technology created by Braingineers helps brands realize how their content influences user performance. Eye-tracking methods and EEG headsets are applied to capture data when people associate with online content. Algorithms prepare the information they receive and look for appropriate models to mark satisfaction, care, or disappointment.

Another firm from Germany. He specializes in machine learning and data testing for computer vision algorithms, with a particular center on automatic mechanisms. Technologies that allow cars to independently determine the situation and detect various objects are based on selected information that is applied to practice their neural networks. Collecting data correctly for education and testing continues one of the principal difficulties of the AI ​​market, leading to the creation of a new niche.

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