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At Agency Elevation, we provide your clients the highest-quality PPC agency services with our U.S.-based Wisconsin and Pennsylvania teams. White label (or private label or reseller services), as it relates to PPC, means having another agency perform your agency’s PPC fulfillment for your clients. And by PPC, meaning pay-per-click advertising, which most commonly refers to Google Ads, or sometimes Microsoft Advertising. As a result, your agency’s clients’ white label PPC agency services are performed behind the scenes. Your clients wouldn’t even know we exist! With our service, it’s like hiring your own in-house employees, but without all the associated pitfalls. Since we use a generic email address for all the work we do in the ad accounts’ change history reports, we leave no sign that we aren’t officially your company. There are some numerous benefits of working with a white label PPC agency, as you will discover below. You will receive in-house quality ads without all the hassles and costs of owning them. We offer a wide range of advertisements, including Google Search ads, display ads, video ads on YouTube, and remarketing ads. See how this could benefit you and your agency by reading on.

Attracting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, compensating, and keeping in-house PPC specialists is a tough chore. It takes valuable time and after all that, who’s to stay they’re going to stick around? Can you afford continual raises? Costly health insurance? Equipment expenses? All the personal time you’ll need to give them in the way of regular check-ins and periodic reviews?

Another issue with in-house PPC is how will you handle overflow? Let’s say that you hire someone to take on 20 accounts, and they’re immediately overburdened. If you add five more, what will happen? Your current employee can’t handle the workload, but not so much that another hire is necessary. Our white label PPC agency can scale up or down on a moment’s notice from 1 client to 100 clients without charging a penny more than necessary. 

Taking on training in-house can also be challenging. How do you ensure that your team always abides by the latest PPC agency best practices and skills? Google Ads changes insanely fast. In most cases, unless you are a specialist and have lots of time to spare, they will have to get their training somewhere else. It might be too expensive, or perhaps your team will do it on their own time. Keeping our team accountable for you is what makes our white label PPC agency stand out! 

What’s the process behind our white label PPC agency? The process is super simple for you! Anytime you have an account, you only have to complete our simple PPC intake form and we’ll gather the pertinent data from you about your client. Once we have the information, we’ll have the account ready to go within two business days or so. We’ll make sure everything is in order and communicate only as needed so it’s as hands-off as possible for you.

When a landing page is required, we’ll either help you create it or create one for you ourselves through our design team with experience in PPC conversion optimization. We can help you get your CallRail or other call tracking software setup right too, in addition to the proper placement of Google Ads conversion tags, so all the pieces are in place for a successful launch. You will receive fast, seamless communication from us. We won’t leave you wondering when we’ll get back to you. Introducing Slack integration into your team’s Slack channel has proven to work best. We’re 100% USA-based and so we’ll work in the same time zone(s) as you and provide incredible customer service and a high level of awareness and transparency in terms of where things stand and how accounts are performing.

Our post-launch white label PPC agency services entails a sophisticated optimization routine our team goes through weekly. We cover all the important aspects, including regular and timely additions of negative keywords, the creation of new single keyword ad groups, ad copy testing and iterating, conversion analysis, budget trending optimization, and so much more. All the elements that go into a successful Google Ads campaign are included! In the first week of each month, for the month prior, you and your clients will receive a white labeled PPC report from our software provided to you at no extra charge. These reports are aesthetically pleasing and informative, and will show the key performance indicators for the client’s PPC results for that month. This makes retention easy, and one less step for you to do!

What differentiates our services from our competitors’ white label PPC agencies? Our office is located in the U.S., and you will be supporting an American business. Many white label PPC agencies have US-based offices, but their work is outsourced overseas, where the quality declines dramatically. We have employees primarily in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, with additional team members in other states. We provide the utmost quality in our PPC agency, and incredible timeliness in communication, two absolutely critical components for the success of any agency’s PPC fulfillment.

Don’t let the fact that we are based in the U.S. fool you into thinking we are expensive! Our pricing is as competitive as it gets, and grows with you over time so that as you add new PPC agency clients and scale your agency, your profit margins will increase! Our pricing is straightforward and simple. No setup fees, hidden expenses, or charges at every corner. We charge just enough to be able to move the needle for your clients and not a penny more.

There’s a reason why we talked about the quality of our work. Our team has experience in PPC and Google Ads that few have, such as working for well-known international companies who spend millions a month on PPC agency services. As a result of managing thousands of small to medium-sized businesses’ PPC accounts over the years, we have created a blueprint for success that we’d love to implement on your clients’ accounts!

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