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Advion Cockroach Gel: Facts & Solutions

You might already know about different roach killing gel baits and their success in killing this cringe species. But Advion is listed as one of the best cockroach gel bait as it can tempt the most hazardous roach species “German Cockroaches.” Before digging into the details of Advion gel bait and how does it work, let’s have a look ultimate infections and diseases that cockroaches can cause.

Roaches carry different diseases & infections

These nasty pests can appear on your tables, dishes, food items, on the sofas where you sit and transfer a bacterium on them. Science has proved that cockroaches that appear in residential and commercial areas can carry many serious diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, gastroenteritis, urogenital infections, and salmonellosis.

Moreover, roaches are the source of allergies. After the molting, this species leave a large trace of chitinous integuments. After drying, all this gets mix with dust. This dust can cause asthma and dermatitis if it gets on human skin.

Advion Cockroach Gel Killer Bait

So, if you want to save yourself and clean your surrounding with this hazardous pest species then Advion is the best solution for you. Founded back in 2006, Advion cockroach gel bait has the best roach killing formulation that brings 100% results.

Advion cockroach gel killer bait delivers unpredictable and professional results by making a great reduction in a roach infestation. Powered by a high-consumption, high-performing and unique bait matrix, Advion even targets the hardest species of gel-bait averse cockroaches.

Basic Information about Advion Cockroach Gel

It is one of the best cockroach gel baits that contain 0.6% active ingredient “Indoxacarb” that reacts with the enzyme of cockroaches and kill them with a delay action. Advion with deadly potency is quite popular among professional exterminators. It is considered as one of the most powerful strategic tools as compared to roach killing sprays. The most important and killer feature of Advion is that it spreads its deadly poison from one roach to another and throughout the whole infestation. Eliminate the cockroach’s population with 2 weeks or 1 month, Advion cockroach gel bait results as the fastest killer.

How much effective is Advion cockroach gel?

It is one of the best cockroach gel bait that is extremely effective at targeting both large and small cockroaches. In one study analysis, it is shown that a single application of Advion gel can eliminate 99% of the most notorious species of roaches. Moreover, within 1 week, it can kill almost ¾ populations of roaches.

The unique formulation of Advion can target multiple roach species a one-time such as American, Asian, German, Oriental, and brown-banded cockroaches.

Where you can use this gel bait?

With the wide use of the application, you can use this Advion gel in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. The package includes 1 tip, 1 plunger, and 1 tube that make this gel bait all-rounder. The thin tip of the syringe can easily reach to the favorite hidden places of cockroaches (such as under furniture, cracks, and crevices of walls, holes, under furniture and cabinets of kitchen & bathroom) that are difficult to reach.

Moreover, Advion gel bait also eliminates roaches in single and multi-jointed families, hotels, schools, gardens, hospitals, warehouses, supermarkets, and food-handling areas. Don’t forget to cover food-handling surfaces and edible items before using this product.

How to get the most out of this product?

For effective results and targeting as much as roaches, there are 2 methods to use this Advion killer gel bait.

  1. Apply 1 to 3 drops of this best cockroach gel bait across 10 linear feet for low or moderate roach infestation.
  2. Spread 5 drops of Advion cockroachgel across 10 linear feet for high infestation of roaches.

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