A rectangular shower tray will create appeal to your bathroom

create appeal to your bathroom
create appeal to your bathroom

The size of the shower trays or bases varies. Most are small square shapes, some are big rectangular, and rectangular shower trays come in a wide variety of materials including acrylic, glass, ceramic, wood, and stone. There may be a range of exciting variations of shower trays and shower enclosures in the market, but note that the type of shower tray you buy will match the room and the size of the budget you have. Given the available choices on the market, you will not have to compromise on the showering experience because of a low budget.

Measure the space 

If you want to purchase an enclosure, first calculate your bathroom measurements to install the bathroom unit. It can be mounted anywhere if the door is free enough to move. Moreover, enough space for the cubicle should be given without the bathroom being clutched. It is advisable to ask the interior designer to provide you with a good idea of the shower stall appropriate for your bathroom. 

The fixation criteria 

When you need a robust low design for rectangular shower trays, the low acrylic range is a good option. A 760 mm tray requires that the waste and flexible conduit be run under floorboards with small models and high models via the wall. 

  • The low stone bathroom trays-in all shapes the small stone is found. The trays are made of 80% stone and thus prove very durable. The types can be tailored to each bathroom, and the drainage system under floorboards has been planned. Such designs can be used in creative forms that attract clients. Their range of shapes ranges between 60 and 70 pounds.
  • The flat acrylic shower trays – The small acrylic bathrooms-these enclosures are made of the quadrant, rectangle, rectangular and pentagonal. They are slippery and reliable. The waste and the pipes under the floorboards are placed in these trays. The total cost ranges between 50 and 75 pounds. 
  • The high stone shower trays – These trays are also found in every type of stone shower tray. The large stone sets of several showers are divided into different kinds with the additional feature of simple plumbing. Such shower trays are made of 80 percent stone and are also simple to install, as their panels can quickly be removed for repairs. The foundation is energized and can be mounted on large stone shelves. Just through the tray is the waste flow. The size is between 90 and 95 pounds. 
  • The high acrylic shower trays -These trays are available in all the listed types, and the high acrylic shower trays are available. They are durable and long-lasting. We have a powerful support system for steel that makes them suitable for bathrooms of different sizes. Thanks to the wastewater drainage within the tray, fixing it is simple, if necessary. We have a reliable and flexible base for easy repair. To any customer, these trays are the perfect option, and their size ranges between 70 and 95 pounds.

Good Things to Consider

The shape and size of your bathroom are one of the essential factors in your decision. Creating a basic sized diagram with a graph paper, pen, monitor, and precise measurements of your floor plan is a good starting point. This is a useful help as you shop so you can fit the space you have best. The size and shape of a shower case are good things to consider as your range is limited. Another thing to remember is how a door swings about the purpose of the bathroom. Several entries are sloping, but most of them are extensive.

Full bathrooms and a liberal budget enable custom-built shower to be installed from scratch, often in natural stone. Some have doors, and others are only available without doors. Interestingly, the flux from the rectangular shower trays is big enough to absorb and drain well. All these guidelines are free at the Bath Store in the UK, including free after-sale services of free home delivery and much more. Enjoy!


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