A complete guide to MBA in Finance: Key to a successful corporate career

It is common knowledge that finance is one of the key domains in any business organization. Without a robust and highly competent finance department, business organizations are unlikely to succeed in the long term. As a result, there is always a strong demand for skilled graduates with an MBA in Finance

What’s even more exciting is the fact that several sub specialisations have also developed under finance – such as Business Analytics, International finance, hedge funds management, and more. It is evident that career options are multiple and candidates can find employment in a variety of roles after completing an MBA in finance. 

The scope of career growth is also exceptional. However, candidates coming from top colleges have an obvious edge over others when it comes to growth. 

Job profiles after MBA in Finance

Before looking at the colleges, let’s first briefly look at the job profiles you can get after graduation. The roles are either in the finance department of organisations, or in organisations working purely in the domain of finance.

  • Investment Banking Associate: This role is a step up from the role of an analyst and entails more responsibilities. They manage the ongoing projects of organisations and handle the functioning of teams working under them. Salary ranges from 5LPA to 6LPA to start with and goes up with experience.
  • Finance Officer: In this role, you will be responsible for maintaining the financial schedules of the organisations. You will have to ensure that financial circulation takes place within the designated time and maintain the records of transactions. The role requires efficient handling of responsibilities and comes with lucrative packages.
  • Insurance & Risk Manager: This is a pure finance role associated with insurance organisations. As a management level professional, you will be responsible for assessing and predicting risk factors to provide comprehensive coverage and settlement of claims.It is an exciting profile and requires high levels of analysis and teamwork skills.

Choosing a college for MBA in Finance

The best way to kick start a career in finance is to complete your MBA in Finance from a top college. Colleges that ensure that students are exposed to the industry environment during the course itself score high. It makes them highly adaptable and boosts their profile when it comes to final placement.

As a result, graduating from a good college is like carrying a badge of honour that inevitably catches the eyes of the employer. 

They see it and know that you are the perfect candidate in the role they are scouting for.

Top 3 colleges for MBA in Finance

1. Indian Institute of Management , Bangalore

IIM B needs no introduction for MBA aspirants. It is a premiere management institute that is leading all the charts in management education in India. With a global atmosphere and academic collaboration, it is a place where top companies find their best employees. The cost of studying is quite high – but getting here is really tough as you need to be among the toppers in the CAT exam. The salary starts above 12 LPA and with the IIM (B) badge, climbing the corporate ladder is a cakewalk.

2. Sage University,  Indore

In Madhya Pradesh, Sage has become a beacon of management education providing great infrastructure and opportunities within an affordable fee structure. In recent times, Sage University, Indore has collaborated with Sunstone Eduversity – one of the leading placement promoters in the country. In the Sunstone – Sage MBA in Fiance programme, there are already 400 recruiters on board.The is on hands-on experience, and in the two years course, candidates have to go through 9 months of compulsory internships. 

3. Lovely Professional University, Punjab

Much like Sage University, Indore, LPU is also the premiere private professional institute in North India. The college is known for its international outlook and partnerships with global and local professional bodies. There is a strong focus on skill-based learning, and in many courses candidates can choose the international transfer programme where a part of their course will be completed at a university abroad. LPU is a top destination for MNCs when it comes to hiring freshers. The packages are remarkable and there are ample opportunities for career growth.


Irrespective of the ebbs and flows in business trends, the need for graduates with MBA in Finance is never down. With a specialization in finance, you can be absolutely certain about finding employment in today’s market. The specialization is among the most common and can be both minor and major, depending on the MBA college. 

However, the extent of industry exposure that colleges offer determine the level at which you start a career in finance. Needless to say, the better the badge of the institute, the higher up you start in the corporate ladder. It also means that you get promoted faster and grow your career thereafter.  

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