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A Brief Information About Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

Do you like the company of children? Are you passionate about enhancing and influencing the lives of the little persons and make them a better human being? It is said that children are the future; are you the one who wants to be instrumental and involved in shaping their future? Then completing the courses of childhood education and care is the way to go for you. 

The recent state 

The latest situation in terms of the prospect of childhood education as a career is very significant. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 21% of couple families have both parents working, which means that the child(ren) must be under the care of a professional institution. In other words, that is a job opportunity for someone with a Diploma in childcare Adelaide or related qualification. This fact can be supported by other related information; the number of one-parent families in Australia has increased to 15% who will prefer to leave their child under the care of a qualified person. 

The course details

The active participation in the early childcare scenario requires at least a Certificate III qualification, which is considered the starting point. If the candidate is serious about pursuing this line of work; especially if they want to take part in the planning and execution of early childhood learning and care programs, the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care would be the qualification to achieve. The conditions and other related factors are described as follows; 

  • Prerequisites  

There are no special requirements for both international and domestic students. However, there are some basic necessities with regard to educational qualification. For domestic students, academic completion of year 12 is necessary and documentary evidence must be provided. A Certificate IV or work experience will be advisable with a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment to judge the level of support required in this level.

For overseas students, evidence of passing level 12 in their country and an IELTS 5.5 clearance certificate will be needed for admission where English is not the native language. Some institutions may require a separate English proficiency test. therefore, it would be better to check on with the establishment of teaching this course.

  • Vocational training

The vocational training is required for real-life training and experience of the practices required for the implementation of proper care and education of children. Unlike other early childhood courses, this qualification requires the completion of 360 hours of vocational training. However, the placement policies differ according to the institution chosen, so the candidate will have to contact their respective centers about their place of work and the protocols to complete it.

  • What would be learned 

The prior qualifications like Certificate III or IV will help in amassing credits in this course. However, the outline of the courses is designed to enable the candidate to plan and implement necessary policies for early childhood education and care. The main topics usually taught to the candidates can be listed as follows;

  • Working with another workforce to confirm the generation of a safe environment within and understanding and mounting cultural aptitude while maintaining work healthiness and safety.
  • Providing care for youngsters, babies, and kids while forming a constructive and respectful relationship with them.   
  • Practicing and approving learning structures to monitor the exercise of supporting children to bond with their surrounding while launching and maintaining an innocuous and healthy environment for them.
  • Expedite agreement in an education and care service for establishing and effecting strategies for inducing accommodating behaviour for the benefit of all children.
  • Analysing information to update learning procedures and designing and applying the results to create a comprehensive curriculum to nurture the learning and development of the children. 

The possible careers

The probable career path the candidate can expect is basically policy-making or administrative capacity in an approved day-care centre. Some of the posts they can apply for are;

  • early childhood educator
  • crèche worker
  • the administrator of early childhood centre
  • family day-care professional
  • Occasional-care facility supervisor 
  • Early childhood care and manager.

A great career path

A great thing about this way of living is that you get to follow your passion as well as take part in the training and teaching of the next citizens of the country. However, if someone is expecting big monetary income, then pursuing other career pathways will be more worth their time.

Incidentally, the market for someone with proficiency in Early Childhood Education Adelaide is also conducive for job prospects. Till March quarter 2019, the number of children under childcare was 1,306,300 with an annual increase of 1.4 percent. So, individuals interested in pursuing a career in early childhood education and care have a very possible bright future.

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