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9 Google Products You Probably Don’t Know About

Google, LLC, got its start in 1998 when Sergey Brin and Larry Page met out of the blue. Their goal was to catalog all the internet’s web pages in an online database. In 2021, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, Inc, reached a market capitalization of $977.75 billion. The value comes from all the services and products offered by the multinational company.

You already know that Google is a search engine that offers advertising services. After all, Google has been our go-to for answers on the web for years now. (“Just Google it!”)The following are nine helpful Google products you probably don’t know about … yet!

1. Google Assistant

Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants are catching on as the biggest tech brands compete with each other. Google’s version is Google Assistant. It’s available for Android and iOS-enabled iPhone smartphones, smart displays, speakers, and entry-level phones. 

The Assistant is capable of two-way communication, so you can technically have a conversation with it. Ask it to play your messages, favorite songs, and notifications. 

If you live in a smart home or are updating your appliances, Google Assistant connects with several. This allows you to give voice commands and accomplish your household tasks.

Features include the ability to control smart devices with voice, access information from your calendar, and run timers and reminders.

2. Google Scholar

One of the benefits the internet delivers is access to information. Google’s Scholar kicks the concept up a notch. Individuals who need to research can find several academic documents, books, and published studies online through Scholar.  Search results come from articles, court opinions, and professional societies. There are also online repositories, abstracts, and academic publishers. You can get results from the last ten years and the last several hundred years too. The search feature allows the user to: 

  • Explore related work
  • Find an original copy at a library
  • Set up a notification for new works published in your area of interest

3. Google Books

Book copyrights last 70 years on top of the length of the author’s life. As copyrights begin to expire on books written several decades ago, online services, such as Google Books, can scan them and place them online.

It’s a great resource if you’re searching for poems from Ralph Waldo Emerson or your favorite American baseball pioneer’s autobiography. The service receives permission to post excerpts and chapters from books published recently too.

If you’re interested in finding a physical copy of any of these works, Books doubles as a resource there as well.

4. Google Slides

Google Slides is part of the company’s productivity suite. Along with Docs, Sheets, and Drive, you have Google’s version of Microsoft Office.  Slides is their version of PowerPoint. Build a presentation, customize the background and insert images. Share it with your team and collaborate.

Team features include commenting, chat, and editing in real-time. Some add-ons make presentations stand out and keep the attention of your group.

5. Google Voice

Google Voice allows smart calling from most electronic devices. It’s available for personal and business use. Simply set up your smart number and start receiving calls too.

This isn’t your average internet phone number. The app allows users to manage the account, receive voicemail transcription, and stay connected. Forward calls, block spam calls, and manage who calls you.

6. Google Pixel

Pixel is Google’s smartphone. The first version launched in 2016. The 2021 version has all the company’s apps pre-loaded, takes studio-quality pictures in any light, and includes Google Assistant.

The Titan M chip keeps the phone safe from intrusions. 

Pick from six or eight GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Enjoy a 5.8″ Full HD+ OLED 6.0″ Full HD+ OLED or 6.2″ Full HD+ OLED.

7. Stadia

One for the gamers, Google’s Stadia is a cloud gaming service. Gamers enjoy streaming in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second.

It launched in 2019, and free trials are available from time to time. If you opt for the Pro version, members receive access to free games, such as Moonlighter, Bluefire, and Street Power Football.

Memberships bill monthly after the one-month free trial ends. But you can cancel anytime. Enjoy new games that arrive in the library monthly.

There’s no need for updates or downloads — stream games on old laptops, phones, and older controllers too.

To start playing, launch the website. Navigate to the store and purchase your game. 

8. Snapseed

Snapseed is Google’s version of simple photo editing software. Download and install the app on Android and iOS smartphones to start editing.

First launched in 2011, it offers users digital filters. Individuals who aren’t filter savvy can enjoy several presets. Those who are more comfortable with photo editing apps can enhance a picture’s exposure, color, and detail.

The filters change the photo’s mood while you improve the composition too. If you change your mind about any of the changes you made to an image, revert to the original. In 2021, the app had over one million downloads and a rating over four stars.

9. Waze

Google acquired Waze in 2013. It’s an app that provides GPS navigation features. Download it on your compatible smartphone or tablet.

If you need help with directions, it’s a handy app to use. It provides turn-by-turn directions. You’ll also have access to estimated travel times and route details.

The online Waze version and the app helps users find carpools. This way, you can share gas costs and toll fees. To date, 140 million people have downloaded the app. 

Before Google acquired the company, Waze crowdsourced several of its current features. Today, when you use it, it lets you know if traffic remains blocked in one area or another.  Plan your trip using the map and avoid parade traffic, construction, and accidents.


Undeniably, Google, LLC, under the umbrella of Alphabet, Inc, has amassed an impressive resume of products and services. It seems like the sky’s the limit on what they’ll do next. Some or all nine of these lesser-known Google products may be exactly what your life was missing!

[Author bio]

Elaine Chavez is the Business Manager at 625 Broadway. With over eight years of experience in the industry, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. Elaine is passionate about helping people find the perfect place to call home and shines at building a community that everyone is proud to be a part of.


Aryan Dev
Internet trailblazer. Travel ninja. Social media evangelist. Incurable explorer. Subtly charming organizer. Tv scholar. Alcohol geek. Certified creator.

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