8 Ways to Market a Marijuana Company in the US

It seems that there are plenty of reasons for cannabis enthusiasts and medical marijuana users to excited. The United States has tremendously relaxed its position on medical marijuana and recreational marijuana, and the federal government’s ban on it seems to be all but lifted. As a result, the legal cannabis and CBD industries have taken flight and show no signs of landing any time soon.

Even with the popularity of cannabis use, cannabusiness entrepreneurs have to put a lot of time and effort into marketing to grow their brands. It’s understandable if marketing isn’t something that comes naturally to you—after all, that’s why we’re here. Continue to learn some of the best techniques for marketing your CBD and other cannabis products.

1. Content Marketing

In recent years, content marketing has become one of the best ways for companies to grow their online visibility and ultimately, their customer base. Content marketing is a subliminal type of marketing in that you concentrate more on becoming a viable source of information about your industry and products rather than trying to generate interest in your brand. It’s important to do proper research on your topics before you begin writing, and your research and writing will pay dividends in the form of a growing audience for your online content and brand authority.

While this may seem like a counterintuitive approach, content marketing is one of the best ways to increase your online authority with search engines and climb the search engine rankings. Americanmarijuana.org is a prime example of how content marketing can grow your brand, audience, and online authority.

2. Social Media

Social media marketing is a prime solution for small companies with equally small marketing budgets. For all intents and purposes, you can market on social media for free. However, putting a little capital behind your social media posts can also exponentially expand the reach of your social media content.

3. Email Marketing

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Email marketing has become one of the most popular ways for brands to connect with their customers, as well as attract new ones. Plenty of startups have seen genuine results, such as expanded customer bases and better customer response and conversion. Furthermore, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to introduce new and different cannabis products, like edibles and CBD oils, to your current customers.

4. Product Videos

With as much time as people spend online these days, product videos can be as effective for growing your market share as television commercials—and much cheaper as well. Something as simple as getting an influencer to use or review your product on their platform can grow your patronage exponentially.

5. Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is another and effective way to market your product to the masses. By getting bloggers who already have an online presence to include mentions of your products or brand in their content, you can introduce your brand to audiences that are unfamiliar with your company and products.

6. Product Reviews

Most people research new products online before purchasing them, even if they plan on purchasing them in-store. By getting people to review your products, you can get impartial takes on your products and use that to draw customers and even improve or expand your product offerings.

7. Exotic Weed Strains

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Speaking of product offerings, there’s no better way to market your brand than having the best of the best products in your industry. If you really want to draw cannabis enthusiasts to your establishment, offer premium, exotic weed strains at reasonable prices, and your company will become the “bee’s knees” in your local market.

8. Cannabis Product Variety

As you can see, the types of products you offer play a major role in the efficacy of your marketing campaigns. There are plenty of people who want to reap the benefits of CBD without having to smoke, so it’s important to keep them in mind when developing products. CBD oils and edibles have become increasingly popular, and you can even sell cannabutter for people who want to create their own edibles.

As you can see, many of the most effective marketing practices are based on digital technology, which is great, especially for startups with small budgets. With the right digital marketing strategy and great cannabis and CBD products, you can grow your small cannabusiness into a cannabis empire.

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