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8 Types of Beautiful Flowers That Are Found in India !!

India is known for so many colorful flowers in both beautiful and presentable arrangement. India has different types of beautiful, extraordinary, and delightful blossoms blooming in every season. There are huge farms that developed precisely for blossoms of numerous types. Lotus, Marigold, Sunflower, Carnations, Roses, and so forth bloom throughout the whole year. With the help of big fields, the flower industry is growing and flourishing with all these flawless beauties of natural wonders. 

Blooms in India send flowers to Kolkata by the various people who like to stay in contact with their friends and family on uncommon events. The flower bunches are sent from different online stores for flower delivery. You can buy various flowers at these online stores. Foreign species are widely famous, but if you are interested in Indian flowers, here are some of the suggestions. 


You don’t need to be a blooms enthusiast to understand what Rose is. This plant has more than 250 species and can frame in a bunch or bouquet or any of the favorite arrangements. For the most part, known for its famous red shade, the rose is appealing to every person. Roses can bloom consistently throughout the year. In the valentine season, these people order flowers online for this bloom. It lowers skin irritation and is used to reduce skin redness. Additionally contains vitamins that repair scars, cuts, and burns.


Any of the flowers cannot match the beauty of white and pink colors. It is a water flower, and their petal adds another level of beauty to the whole plant. This water plant has splendid fragrant with wide, floating petals. Long stems containing air pockets allow this bloom to float over the water. Various petals cover to form a bulb shape, which also gives it a beautiful look. Lotus seeds are edible and are believed good for the body organs like the heart, kidney, and lungs. The leaves and stems are cooked as vegetables in India and said to have a taste like a sweet potato. Lotus petals generally used as a topping. 


Marigold blossoms are a widely famous flower that you can find in every Indian shop of a flower. They come in yellows, oranges and reds, and other such splendid hues. They can bloom in the full sun, even with less sunshine. The plant will require less maintenance, so you have to water once during a warm climate.

A bonus tip: If you are planning to grow at your home water, the plant only when topsoil with one inch of depth gets dry. 


One of the most widespread blooming flowers all over India is the Hibiscus. It is known for its staggering hues and perfect appearance. The fascinating thing about hibiscus blossoms is that they sprout for just a single day. What is more fascinating to know is that every sort of hibiscus blossom is different from each other. They develop best when they are under complete sun and need watering, one inch for each week. Constant temperatures are excellent for these types of blossoms. 

Law’s Ceropegia 

Named after John Sutherland Law, the English-conceived, Indian Civil Servant and botanist who had found it, these blossoms are among the most wonderful types of blossoms. These bulb-shaped blossoms are only found in the mountainous parts of India. White in appearance, these blossoms have a cylindrical shape in the center with five petals that join each other. 


There can’t be any superior summer blossoms than this. It is a bloom that thrives in the hot summers! And, summer sun in India can be very strong and unforgiving as we as a whole know. This excellent bloom has numerous colors and gives your nursery or garden an energetic appearance. As this a hot season flower, in any case, be careful so as not to forget water and keep the soil well-drained. 

Tuberose (Rajnighanda) 

Polianthes tuberosa is known as Nishigandha or Rajnigandha in India, the blossom which smells wonderful around evening time. Rajanigandha is used in scents and can be planted outside in the garden and parks.  


Bougainvillea is an amazing tropical plant and makes incredible climber plants. Bougainvillea has paper-like petals that are easy to grow. Being tropical sunshine and plenty of water are two essential factors required for its growth.

We hope you will like the information that we have shared here. 

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