7 Reasons to Choose WordPress as Web Development

7 Reasons to Choose WordPress Post images 700x400
7 Reasons to Choose WordPress Post images 700x400

According to a famous quote by Paul Cookson, “Websites promote you 24/7; No employee will do that for you.

Any business owner must take steps to create a powerful and effective online presence. The best way you can do this is by creating an amazing and attractive website for your business. This will also allow the business owners to constantly digital marketing and promote their business online, which in turn will keep them on par with the constantly evolving world.

There are a large number of business owners who do not, who constantly get into situations where they have no idea how to create a powerful online presence. This is the result of them being not aware of how to create a business website online. This definitely and drastically affects their success in creating and maintaining an online customer base.

The decision to hire WordPress developers should automatically seem like the most obvious, but there are a number of factors that need to be considered before taking this decision.

In case you are the owner of small scale business, spending money on web development services, may not always be the best choice, as it requires you to spend a lot of money.

In the present time, your website acts as an online storefront for your business. You must always make sure that the users who actually visit your website, can go through and look for the products they wish to purchase, with as much ease as possible. The design of your website is also very crucial as it would decide how many customers are attracted by it and come back to it even in the future.

This is the best reason why you need to make use of a Content Management System to manage your online website, in the easiest to understand manner.

What is WordPress?

In simple words, WordPress is a publishing platform, which can be used to create websites and blogs. It gives the creator a huge array of options to customize their website according to their will. It powers tens of millions of websites all around the world. Some famous names that make use of WordPress are New York Times Blogs, PlayStation, People Magazine, and CNN.

Every website, whether belonging to a small or big-scale business, deserves to have access to a good content management system. You definitely have different options at your disposal, but WP is still the best option you can go for. There definitely exists a huge array of reasons why the CMS is considered as being the best choice for web development. The following is a list of 7 reasons, which justify the use of WordPress as a tool for creating a website.

7 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best Choice For Web Development

Following are the seven reasons, which will definitely help you make up your mind about why WordPress is the best choice:

● It is Open Source

This is an amazing benefit for all those users who are trying it for the very first time. Open source refers to the fact that building code on this website is absolutely free. An open CMS will affirm the fact that your online domain is not vulnerable, and on the other hand, by adopting WP, you have made sure that your website is as secure as it can be.

As it is open-source, you can very easily download and modify, whenever you see fit. It should always be remembered that not all kinds of changes will be accepted by the WordPress team and some changes will require you to update it to a new version.

● Highly Customizable

There is the availability of more than 50,000 themes and plugins in WordPress, which leave absolutely no stones unturned in providing you assistance for creating your dream website. These themes and plugins will prove to be beneficial in the long run as well because it will make your business website appealing, which will make your customers keep coming back to it continuously.

● Best for Business Blogging

It is hands down the best platform to publish your business-related blogs. This is apparent from the fact that the CMS originally came into existence in the form of a blogging platform. There is also an availability of tools, which will guide you through the process of creating a professional blog.

● Easy to Maintain and Manage

It comes with an in-built update management system. Managing this system by regularly updating your website from time to time is way simpler than any other platform. It also allows you to update the WP-based plugins and themes, from within the dashboard itself.

● Simple to Learn

This is another significant advantage of this platform. When you start to explore it, you will realize that there are in-built tools available which make understanding this platform fro you drastically simple. Yes, developers and creators who are beginners, will have to invest a bit of time on it, but it is not as complex as everybody thinks.

● SEO Friendly

It’s a dream for almost every business owner, to rank higher on the most popular search engines. You can make use of WP, to drastically improve your domain’s optimization. When you build a website using WP, the codes that are used are of a high standard. This feature also gives it the ability to produce semantic markups.

● A Simple Host Can be Used

It can very easily be set up on any web host virtually, as it powers over 60 percent of the entire list of existing websites. Most of the hosting plans come with single-click installation methods for the CMS or have it available pre-installed. This automatically means that users will have the freedom of taking the decision to choose when to host their own WordPress website.


As far as website development goes, not everyone wants to spend all their time creating an online domain. This is the reason why WordPress is a brilliant tool for beginners and experts alike.

It is highly customizable, secure, free, and responsive. In case you are searching for a web development service, which you will be able to use with ease, then WordPress will be the best option for you. It will provide users with amazing performance.

Author Bio –  Peter Thomson is a IT Consultant and a passionate technology writer. He writes on the latest technologies such as web design & development,WordPress,Java scripts,AI-Chat bot at Capital Numbers.


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