7 crazy, kinda weird but totally awesome things in Russia

things in Russia
things in Russia

Winter, world war, or vodka? Russia is a nation that makes your imagination wild. It is the largest country in the world and is so deep in history that you cannot come out after a dive. The right medicine for drug users only. Book your flight tickets now through Southwest Airlines Reservations.

Still, Russia excels at making a rare display, to give you facial expressions to make a meme. For a country so unbelievable, it is no surprise that you stumble upon the most mind-blowing opportunities, saying that teachers are being paid salaries in vodka or that it is the exchange of nuclear submarines for Pepsi Happening.

When it comes to feeling that crazy meets the quotient, Russia has you covered. With some healthy curiosity and a desire to achieve cowardice, tourists can get weird along the quirky side of Russia and overcome the most insane feats. Here, let us help you cope with the weirdest crazy activities, for which Russia is the only contender in the world.

1) Defy gravity

In Moscow’s Star City, you don’t have to be a real astronaut to make your dream of flying in space come true. Once a secret Soviet facility that was not even present on the map, Star City is now the place to give you flying in zero gravity or hope on a fake rocket launch. Experience unhealthy weightlessness once in a lifetime here and you’ll have your own space odyssey to make everyone on Instagram jealous.

2) Unconventional teaching in the museum

When it comes to taking the most bizarre things in life, Russia has found museums to celebrate its existence. A country that boasts many museums, Russia is the only place that dedicates a place for death and funerals to the world funeral culture in the Museum of Siberia or to cleanse you to remove the dangers of museum diseases. Gives a lesson. Sanitation in St. Petersburg. On a less bizarre side, there is also the Vodka Museum but it is obviously not surprising to consider Russia in its own context.

3) Catch a circus

If you are tired of watching funny cat videos on YouTube, there is the idea of watching them live. At the only Cat Theater in the world in Moscow, you are ready for a spectacular show presented by your favorite alcoholic artists. These genius cats dazzle the audience with some astounding cleverness and creative abilities, ranging from walking a tightrope to posing atop a mirror ball at the Moscow Cats Theater.

4) Find Who is the Twin

You are literally in for a two-in-one deal while dining at Moscow’s famous Twin Stars dinner. Inspired by the 1964 Soviet-era film known as Crouch Mirror, this unique restaurant only hires identical twins who dress alike, wait tables and serve their drinks. Although vodka can certainly not be blamed for having two mirrors identical versions, this dinner offers a completely unique experience. Book your flight with Southwest Reservations early.

5) Tribute to the monument to the enema

You must have appreciated the mythological figures and various statues dedicated to important personalities. But have you ever seen a memorial built to remember a certain medical procedure? If not, then you need to visit the Mashuk-Akwatarum Spa in Zheleznovodsk, Russia, so that Ennamus first sees a bronze monument. Inspired by a botanically painted painting called ‘Venus and Mars’, the syringe bulb statue was specifically chosen as a symbol of the region famous for its spa where the enemas are administered.

6) helicopter play golf

When the golf course is covered with snow blankets for the better part of the year, how can one enjoy their hobbies? Okay, Russia has found a way to play the game in its own way. This is chopper golf. First played in 2013, the game has become all the rage in Russia where you shake a big ball under the ice and the player navigates the icy course with his own heli-golf clubs. Definitely worth a shot, right?

7) Fly into a war zone in ‘Military Disneyland’

Found in the days of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck? After that you have to spend a day in Russia’s Patriot Park, where children play on battle tanks, helicopters fly in the air and people find entertainment with rocket grenade launchers. Here you get a sample of a typical army lunch learning about the deadliest weapons that can wipe out a continent in one strike. With the high decibels of patriotic music and reunions of battles, you will find yourself in a virtual battlefield in Russia.


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