6 Tips to increase your sales faster

Developing the right product is not enough to ensure success in the business world. Working on your sales efforts also is fundamental. Finding and convincing customers to buy your product or services can be tough, but it is not impossible. The sales team of a business is there for this purpose only. They develop tons of strategies year-round to ensure that they experience an increase in their sales number bringing in more revenue for the business.

But as a leader, you should remember that increasing the sales number is not just the job of your sales department. Employees in other departments can also lend their support towards this. In this article, we will explore ways to increase your sales number for both the sales team and other teams.

Let’s begin.

1.      Make a list of product benefit

Customers don’t buy products, they buy benefits. If a product or service provides them with benefits or results that they have been searching for, it will become easier to increase sales. That is why you must take a look at your customer, do thorough research, and then you can list all the benefits that they are looking for in a product. Then use that list to market those benefits to get better results.

2.      Work on getting more positive Google reviews

A customer these days believes a review from another customer over advertisements that a company telecast. So, the best way to increase the number of sales you make in a year is to get more authentic reviews for your brand on Google, Yelp, Amazon and other such websites.

Don’t try to buy the reviews. It should be organic and positive. Reach out to clients and customers to ask them for a testimonial. Many will be happy to oblige, and it can be effective for your sales department.

3.      Use social media

A lot of your customers use social media, and thus, it is the right medium to try and convince them to buy your products. Research a bit, and figure out which social media they use the most. The popular ones amongst your target audience are the ones you need to work hardest on.

When it comes to social media marketing for increasing sales of your product, keep some things in mind:

  • Every post that you upload should not be about selling your product. Some can inform people about the benefits others can be generic as well.
  • Make sure you add correct hashtags so that anyone who is looking for your product can find it.
  • Social media requires you to create appealing visuals. So, use Canva to create images and infographics for the same.
  • Use a short and relevant caption and include a CTA like follow my page or go to the website to buy the product and so on.
  • Create short videos about how to use your products, or you can create testimonial videos too.
  • Collaborate with an influencer of your niche as they have good followers. Also, when an influencer talks about your product, people tend to buy it more.

4.      Study customer behavior

Increasing sales doesn’t only mean to increase the number of new customers. It also means keeping the existing customer loyal to the product. How to do this? By studying their behavior. It will help you understand what problems they are facing with the product or which feature they like the most. In both cases, you can provide an upgrade for the same.

Moreover, work on your customer service. Provide customers with customized services and email, and so on. It enriches your relationship with them, which helps with the sales number.

5.      Cold calling the customer

It is not fun, and is a tedious job. But if your product is new or even otherwise, sometimes warming a customer through calling them or meeting them is important. Cold calling is traditional practice which all businesses have to do once in their lifetime.

6.      The prices have to be right

To increase sales and keep them going up, you have to pick the right price for your product. Do market research and see what your competitors are offering. If your product has a higher quality than theirs, the high price of yours might be justifiable. Otherwise, it won’t. Remember consumers expect superior quality from a product that has a higher cost than most of its competitors.

Increasing sales of the business product is a collective responsibility. The sales team takes the lead, but all the other departments are also working towards the same goal through one way or another.

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