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6 Tips To Effectively Use Ads To Market Your Business

Let’s keep things real. The harsh truth is the products and services you sell are nothing new. Most likely, you will find other brands in the market that offer the same things you do. Now, the primary question is how to ensure your target audience patronizes your brand. Here is where ads come in because they help increase brand awareness, recognition, and loyalty. Thankfully, you can readily make ads now with a free video maker. Try and check out’s video library for free ad templates.  

Today’s entrepreneurs are indeed lucky because you’ve got innovative solutions to promote your brand. As Bill Gates once said, if he were down to his last dollar, he would spend it on marketing and PR. And rightfully so because your clients won’t know where to find you if you do not advertise. If you need help, check out these tips so that you can effectively use ads to market your business. Creating stunning ads ensures you don’t get crushed by the competition. 

Tell an Authentic Story About Your Goods or Services

Even if you don’t have thousands of dollars in your advertising budget, you can create compelling ads. Make authentic stories that touch the hearts of your target audience with a free video maker online. Hard-selling traditional techniques cannot fool today’s modern clients. Instead of selling the products, you must showcase the experience. 

Thus, you must find a way to exhibit how you can solve their pain points and address their needs. If you just merely put a video of your products and their features, you miss out on many opportunities to create audience engagement. Instead, tell a genuine story because this triggers the emotions. You can try the following tactics: 

  • Show them behind-the-scenes footage to get to know what happens in your company.
  • Do employee interviews so your market can see real faces attached to your brand.
  • Showcase authentic client testimonials that provide positive feedback on how your products or services changed their life. 
  • Tell the narrative of how you started the company from the ground and what inspired you to keep going. 

Focused black blogger applying makeup and recording video · Free Stock Photo (

Consider the Target Audience Carefully

Before you begin crafting your ads, assess your target market. You can only create compelling stories if you know who they are. Otherwise, your messages will get lost, and you end up wasting a limited advertising budget. You want to make sure everything you craft resonates well with your market. 

Remember, many product marketing campaigns have failed catastrophically because they failed to keep the target audience in mind. On top of that, they worked too far outside the market perception of their brand. For example, you’ve got the failed Lifesaver logo in a soda can and Clairol yogurt hair products. Consumers felt they should be drinking candy or using yogurt for their tresses. Thus, you must understand the market to succeed. For best results, consider the following elements:

  • Demographic
  • Likes or dislikes
  • Needs 
  • Preferences
  • Hobbies 
  • Which platforms do they hangout 

Stake-Out the Fiercest Brand Competitors

If you truly want to succeed in advertising your brand, you have to assess what your competition is up to. As the old adage says, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Find out what campaigns do well so you can take inspiration from them. But, of course, you won’t use your free video maker to directly copy their work. That’s plagiarism!

However, you can repurpose themes and topics that you know have gone viral. Incorporate it in your ad strategies and give it your personal spin. On top of that, check out what failed and try to assess if you can make a better version. It would also help to think outside the box to give your audience something new. Playing it safe all the time equates to boring. You may end up losing your market position. Hence, you must take calculated risks to give them something fresh and trendy.

Take Care of Existing Customers

Most advertising campaigns attempt to draw people who don’t patronize the brand yet. The majority of content markets gather new leads and direct them to your website. However, don’t forget to nurture your existing clients. These are already warm leads that have a lot of potentials. They’ve bought from you in the past, so they are more likely to buy again, given the right push. 

Thus, you must use your free video maker to curate content specifically for your existing customers. Use your tool to create both video ads and digital images that market your products and services. For example, you can try the following: 

  • Give these loyal clients exclusive deals for purchasing again in the form of coupons.
  • Show them videos with a CTA at the end that leads to a free product.
  • Send past clients a video link that reminds them about your goods and services with free shipping. 

Remember, you must not work exclusively on a brand-new audience to increase your leads, conversion rates, and revenue. You can create hype, expand your reach, and boost the demand among your existing followers and customers. 

​​A Man Sitting in Front of a Ring Light while Holding a Tablet · Free Stock Photo (

Make a Promise and Keep It

Promises are not meant to be broken. Thus, if you make any content in your free video maker that creates a promise, you must do your best to deliver it. Failing expectations breaks trust. And without it, you will lose your clients. If you want your ads to succeed, put your money where your mouth is. 

Besides, today’s consumer’s research product reviews and testimonials to see if what you offer actually works. Therefore, making an empty promise and failing to keep your word equates to brand death. If you cannot make it happen, it is best not to make that promise. Otherwise, you will never survive in this cutthroat market because your audience will eventually realize that you are a fraud. So don’t get people excited about trying new things based on a lie, or it will cause you endless trouble. 

Parting Words

Finally, it is important to remember that not every ad campaign will work. You may painstakingly plan and edit your ad with a free video maker, but the results are less than stellar. Unfortunately, not all campaigns work, even if you research and do your due diligence. The key is learning to fail fast and move on. Don’t dwell on your failures and assess what you must do to make things better. And then do it!

Aryan Dev
Internet trailblazer. Travel ninja. Social media evangelist. Incurable explorer. Subtly charming organizer. Tv scholar. Alcohol geek. Certified creator.

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